Old Geezers: Did you go through a "I don't want to retire" phase?

Geographic arbitrage? Or is it somewhere you wanted to live anyway?

A textbook?

Can I ask some questions?

If it is a “textbook” I assume its meant for the classroom. Does it include questions at the end of a chapter? Are there tests and questions at the end of a unit (several chapters)? Is there a “Teacher’s Edition”?

My plan for years was to retire on Boeing’s 100th Anniversary in 2016. This plan took a major hit thanks to my now ex running up thousands of dollars worth of bills when we split. I got through all that and just retired 4 years later than I planned. Boeing’s problems and the Covid mess helped push me out the door. Today is day 12 of being retired and I am loving it.

Oh, I’m so happy for you! I retired suddenly, and thought I’d struggle with the lack of money and productivity. But you know how you suddenly discover you have an aptitude for a new skill? Mine is sitting on the porch (with a dog and a book and a beer).

I had a friend who, like you, had to put off his retirement. He was counting on his tech stocks for funding, and as it turned out, 2008 wasn’t the best timing. So he spent an extra five years working, and amassing a huge stack of books next to his recliner. The day he retired, he sat down and picked up the top book… and did nothing else for six months.

I wanted to travel as soon as I was no longer constrained by a punch clock

Is there anyone here as unlucky as I who’s with a company that sets mandatory retirement at 55?

I’m 56, I’ve been retired for almost five months. Fuck work. I always wanted to retire as soon as possible and I did.

I’m curious, what is your company’s product or service?

Eight months here. Fuck work indeed. We need to be working towards a society where everyone can work as little as possible to keep the wheels turning.

I’m stuck with statutory retirement at 65. Would vastly have preferred 55. Along with a pay and promotion scheme to make that work.

Being expected to make a full living in just 30 years based on what everybody else can earn over 50 needs some compensation planning.

Banking, in Asia