Old German/theology question

Hey, there, all.
I’ve run into a German word that isn’t in my fairly good dictionary (or a word in a German context, I should say); it’s from the 15th C. and spelling is archaic, so I think I may need a real live German to answer this, and not you Babelfish pros:
“karen” in the context of indulgences at Jerusalem, as in “Dar nach kompt man an die stat da die juden gespilt hand vmb den rok christi da ist aplas vij jar vnd karen,” or “vij jar vnd vij karen” or “vij jar vnd so vil karen.”
An indulgence of five years and five what?
Also, how would we say an indulgence “vergeben Pein und Schuld” in English-- is there a proper theological phrase? Or is this just a pop misdescription of a plenary indulgence? Guilt and penance, as in ‘a pena et culpa’?