Old "Guinness Record Book" entry: oldest sextuplet?

I remember for years (thru the '70s, and maybe into the '80s), that “The Guinness Book of World Records” had an entry for a sextuplet. I think it was the oldest surviving sextuplet, but I’m not sure–and I don’t have the old books handy anymore.

Anyone with an old book have this info? I just remember that it was a woman, but don’t remember the details of the sextupletcy.

Using the 1972 edition, Marjorie Louise Speichinger was the survivor. Here’s a contemporary account. Oddly enough, although Speichinger is termed “the world’s only surviving sextuplet” in a caption there are other living sextuplets born in 1968 and 1969. I guess they weren’t counted because they hadn’t reached majority age.

Thank you! That’s interesting. The mom already had nine, then had sextuplets.