Old ladies carrying purses

You need to do two things. Have deep pockets and cut out what isn’t absolutely necessary. While in school I usually go purseless, it’s hard enough trying to balance a backpack, laptop and textbooks without adding a purse in there.

Of course when I am down to necessary stuff, I only have ID and a couple of cards in my wallet (library, grocery, bank… no credit cards yet), lip balm and keys. When I carry a purse it’s usually because I don’t have the pocket space (as with dress pants) or want to carry a book. While working I need a purse to carry whatever I might need on break so I don’t have to run to the back (book, granola bar, extra makeup).

I can’t imagine carrying my check book everywhere with me. I only use a few a month for bills, the rest is debit or cash.

Marlitharn - I never carry a purse, and rarely carry a totebag, unless I’ve got books I can’t put down. I have a plain, thin wallet. It carries some folding cash, my driver’s license, my debit card, my insurance card and a couple credit cards. It goes in my hip pocket if I have one, in my front pocket if I don’t. My keys and usually a few loose bills go in my front pocket. I don’t carry a checkbook - I rarely write checks anymore. I just recently got a cell phone, but it stays in the car usually. I don’t carry photos or chapstick, although I keep chapstick in my nightstand and my desk at work.

I found that when I did carry a purse I was forever leaving it behind in stores, setting it down to look at something and forgetting to pick it up again. I just don’t bother now.


My summer purse is weensy and over time I’ve gone from carrying it by the strap to elbow dangling. It leaves my hands free and even better, it doesn’t slip off my shoulder or bounce against my hip like a shoulder bag. I never thought about it being an old fashioned thing to do, in fact, I think it’s ladylike. Though some would say being ladylike is old fashioned, hmmm.

I usually only carry my wallet with me, held like a pocket book, but I cheat. I have a big tote with all sorts of goodies that stays in the car.

I just bought three purses today, and not one has a shoulder strap, just double handles that make them pinch me under the arm if I pull them over my shoulder. It’s over the elbow or dangled from the hand like a shopping bag. All by fashionable designers, and all new. (Well, they’d been around long enough to be relegated to TJ Maxx, but still from the last few seasons.)

I predict more sightings of elbow-borne bags in the near future.

The purse-less thing is easy if you’re willing to cut down the amount of stuff carried to necessary items only.

In my pockets are my keys, cash, wallet with cards, mobile phone, Chapstick, and jump drive.

I also have room for my birth control pills and a 2 day supply of allergy meds if I might be going somewhere and end up not coming home that night. Works out well.

I got rid of all my pants that don’t have pockets.

Nope, a flirty full skirt with handkerchief hemline and glorified tank top and pretty sandals. It was a very frou-frou handbag, wooden circular handles and what looked like fluffy rows of flowers in pastel colors.

Somehow I can’t imagine Sophia with it, but it worked. :slight_smile:

While we’re on the topic, what in blue hell were clutch purses all about? Is that the single most impractical design ever?