Old Mums.

My mum is turning 80 in two days, and in the last few years she has become more fun than at any time I remember in my childhood.

Yeah, she’s losing her memory a bit (sometimes a lot) but it means that I can tell her the same jokes I told her on our last encounter, and she’ll cackle away like I am Lenny-bloody-Bruce on a mission.

I tell her how the kids are, and how they should have been aborted, and she confesses to me that I was nearly an abortion too, but she is sooooo glad she had me. Yeah, as I said, selective memory mum. :stuck_out_tongue:

She makes veiled suggestions about how she is going to get some on her birthday from my dad, and I ask her to send me a video of the proceedings, and she cracks up in old-lady laughter again. This from a woman who sent me to my room for saying ‘bum’ when I was 7 years old!!

She’s not going to be around forever, but I do hope her remaining years are as good as the recent ones. I swear, even though she is losing lots of stuff from her mind, that she is happier now than ever. All those years of damned struggle and pain, and here she is like a pig in shit. Bwahahaha.

Love you mum. Happy birthday for Tuesday darls. xxx

Happy birthday, Mom! Best wishes from SiouxChief in the U.S.!

As for you, kambuckta, I don’t want to ever see you use the word “bum” in a thread again, you hear?!??!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I’m glad you’re having such a good time with your mom…my parents are getting up there in years too, and I can definitely see a change from when they were younger. Age mellows the soul, I guess!

Ah. I wish I still had my mom … to tell her, YES you were right about soooo many things. :slight_smile:

I’m so very happy for you that you have her to talk to even tho she seems a little batty at times. :wink:
Happy birthday to your mum Kambuckta. Give the old gal a hug an kiss for me !

Happy Birthday Kambuckta’s Mum!