old people knees

Am I getting old at (almost) 45?
My knees hurt when I get up, they get stiff!
What can i do to fix this???

Nothing I tell you, nothing. I just turned 47 and my knees have really been giving me fits lately. Of course having knee surgery last April (torn minicus) doesn’t help. I have been taking cosamin supplements on an irregular basis the past 4 months and have seen a bit of improvement but I’m not expecting a miracle. I spend a good portion of my work day climbing up and down stairs so I really can’t afford not to keep my knees healthy. For me losing some weight would be the biggest help I could do for myself. I so some mild stretching exercises each morning then as needed during the day to keep my knees working. My doctor says I will definitely suffer from arthritis when I get older, I hope I can hold it off as long as possible.

Check with your doctor, but mild to moderate biking has always helped mine. No big hills, please.

And I know some really well thought of and intelligent orthopods who are taking chondroitin sulfate. Couldn’t hurt.

Mr. Ruby swears by Glucosomine/Chondroitin. He, too, had arthroscopic surgery to remove a loose piece of cartilage but the doc felt his knee was in overall good shape for a man his age. :wink:

Mark me down as another G/C convert.I haven’t had a stiff back when waking in probably a year.Been using G/C for a little longer than that,and didn’t really take it for the stiff in the morning (my back) condition,but for my latest back spasm which I’d get off and on a couple times a year until I heard about and read testimonials to,the supplement.

It’s not an instant pain reliever or spasm reducer like a muscle relaxant which I’ve had in the past,but as time goes on those episodes just don’t reappear.

Matter of fact,just by writing these words reminded me of how it used to be.It just kind of grows on you an you forget all those nagging things you used to live with.

(Had a back injury some 30 years ago and stretches to relieve cramped muscles where just the norm to me.)

Now if I ever feel the need to stretch the most relief I feel is from gaseous expulsions :slight_smile:

Also the cheapo onsale Walgreen’s house brand seem to work as well as the pricier ones.

“Doc, it hurts when I do this.”
“Don’t do that.”
Look, it was only a matter of time before someone said it. Why not just get it over with now? :smiley:

I am 66. About 1989, I noticed that I could not sit with my knees bent for long periods of time without feeling increasing pain. I noticed it on a car trip from Philadelphia to Richmond (about 250 miles) when I was jammed into a back seat. After that it got worse, to the point that after 45 minutes in a concert, I was in agony and I learned to stand after each piece. They must have thought I was the most enthusiastic concert-goer they had seen.

About five years ago, my chiropracter recommended the following exercise: lie on your stomach on the floor and, holding your legs straight, first lift one and then let it drop and lift the other, holding it a few seconds. Do this 12 times. Wait a bit (I am doing other exercises on the floor in the meantime, but I had been doing them for years and they hadn’t helped) and repeat. After only three or four years of this, I realized the problem had disappeared. So it is not an overnight cure, but it seems to have worked.

Keep your muscles trained and stretch!
The worst thing you can do is to avoid movement! That will damage your chodrocites. Since they don’t have any blood vessels themselves they need the movement and exercise to be nourished. Don’t do anything that hurts though!

I’ll second the bike suggestion. While not yet old (25 last time I checked) I’ve got bad knees, made only worse by breaking one of them this past summer. The only part of my rehab routine that I felt good after was peddling on a stationary bike. 30-45 minutes a day and my knees (both the one I broke and the other no good piece of crap joint) felt great all day.
Just don’t tell the doc, I was only supposed to do 15-20 mins.