Old posters marked as "System"

Hi -

I remembered a poster I saw here a long time ago, Collunsbury, and wanted to look him up, which proved difficult. I somehow found a 2002 thread where he got a warning, but he’s identified as “system”. His post got a named warning, so the search engine found the warning in this thread.

Is this a common thing in old threads, or long ago usernames? Apologies if this is asked/answered. Thanks in advance.

I’m not positive but I think some of those names were lost in the Winter of missed content. Before, on the old board, they would be just named ‘guest’

Dunno if it’s the same guy but the supercilious prick style of posting sounds remarkably like a poster on the 'Raffe who goes by the name of Lounsbury.

Yeah, he was a fantastic prick, but entertaining. Not sure what brought him back to mind.

Same dude.

Out of zillions of accounts, the one single account Collounsbury is unique, as far as I know, in being vaporized. It had nothing to do with conversion to discord, nothing to do with Winter of Missed Content, it had nothing to do with the ubb–>vB conversion, it had nothing to do with the earlier conversion from one version of ubb to later ubb. It’s just “it’s own thang”. I don’t think it was intentional, just not a priority to fix since he’d been banned at that point. Might have been something that went awry during the banning process, even.

Just wow. If someone wrote the story, I’m sure it would turn into an amazing blockbuster film. :slight_smile:

Coming in the summer of 2022: " It’s Own Thang", starring Ben Affleck and Minnie Driver. :wink:

To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, " That’s a name I’ve not heard in a very long time… "