Old School Gaming goodness....

So I found a copy of “Elite” to download the other day.

Some of you probably played Elite on your C-64. It was a the pinnacle of space trading/fighting games.

Man I love me some old school games.

Elite’s nifty. I go through bursts of playing the heck out of Frontier: First Encounters roughly annually; check out the recompiled executables of JJFFE:


I still can’t beat the Collosal Cave adventure game.

xyzzy, xixox.

(Sorry, I just had to say that, what with your username and all…)

My sister flipped out the other day when I told her that Windows XP won’t let you boot up a DOS prompt. “What do you MEAN I can’t play Sam and Max anymore!” she said.

There would be great money to be made if companys would release simple patches to make some of our old MS-DOS games work in Win9x or XP.

I was just playing Chronotrigger yesterday. Man, they just don’t make them like that anymore. :frowning:

And a few weeks ago I was re-playing all the Quest for Glory games, by Sierra. God bless that company… so many memories.

I feel compelled to point out that Square is releasing Final Fantasy Origins in the US soon. ::drool:: I never played FF, and of course never played FFIIj, so I’m gonna be parked in front of my gaming station in a nice comfy chair when I get my copy.


Elwood: You can get a dos prompt in Windows. It should be somewhere on the Start menu. Failing that, go to Run and enter “command”.

Oldschool Games: Worse graphics, better gameplay.

I have the Zork trilogy on my Palm Pilot.

Moving forward a few years, I deeply miss the Wing Commander games. I wish they’d kept that series going.

WinXP and the rest of the NT family do not have real DOS prompts. They have command lines which simulate some DOS functions, but they are not the same animal.

You can specify different compatibility modes in WinXP program shortcuts, but they do not work for many old DOS games.

It’s real in as much as you get the “C:>” line. I know it’s not real in the way that the old DOS 6.62 was. True, some games do not run well under Windows, especially games which use protected mode, in my experience.

Personally, I use 2000 professional. It seems to run most things pretty well, and is the most stable OS I’ve had so far.

Just a thought - for relatively basic dos games, just make a dos boot floppy. This might be a smidgen tricky - you’ll have to find a copy of dos somewhere. But unless you need to be loading piles of drivers, this shouldn’t be very difficult. Of course, it does mean you need to reboot to play your game, and reboot again after.

And speaking of old dos games, I just came across a copy of the shareware classic Capture the Flag. For a game that ran on 386’s (heck, maybe even AT’s) that thing looks pretty dang good, and is fun to boot.

I have an old Pentium II laptop running DOS that I keep around just to play old DOS games on. Real genuine DOS, complete with QEMM and Windows 3.1. Half the fun is booting it up and watching people’s reactions. Right now I’ve got X-Com, Master of Magic, Darklands, Wasteland and Roadwar running on it. Much fun.