Old Skewl: Favorite Morrowind mods

I know this is an older game, but I recently reinstalled Morrowind, and I was planning on popping some mods. Thus far I have all the official plugins, Better Bodies, and Tamriel Restored (Telvanni and Antediluvean Secrets). Basically, though, any hints? Any good ones you reccomend?

I’m more looking for mods which are polished, seamless with gameplay, and make a noticable difference. That is, it should be something pretty interesting or be a small but constant change to gameplay. If anyone has a good “replace the irritating levelling scheme with something more tolerable”, I’d be plased as punch to get it as well.

It’s been a long time since I played Morrowind, but I remember nGCD being an excellent replacement for the leveling system.

Thanks for the advice, but… isn’t that for Oblivion?

I cannot remember the name of the mod, but it added a house with a quest series that gave you the ability to teleport to the house and back again to where you were, also a ton of storage space so you could nip back and offload all your gear. I particularly enjoyed a room with storage jars for all the herbs and alchemical ingredients.

Does Morrowind work with Windows 7 “out of the box” so to speak or do I have run it in XP Mode or what?

…You are quite right. I was careless with my searching. The one I linked there was the Oblivion remake of a Morrowind mod, GCD. That one should meet your needs.