Old-style tape recorders?

Okay, this is slighly - or VVC to me… if you take an old tape recorder, the kind with a detachable microphone, and put it in a quiet room of your house… then detach the mic and hit record, when you play it back later it sounds like voices.

  1. WHY?! Ack…
  2. Does this also apply with newer tape recorders?

(I have zero equipment of that sort, so cannot verify the other technologies.)

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Possibilities: Older audio that’s been incompletely erased is being played, or it’s just your brain trying to make sense of random noise.

Some if it might very well be voices. No, not voices from beyond the grave, but voices carried on AM radio signals. it’s entirely possible for electronic devices to rectify AM broadcast signals. Sometimes I’ll hear CBers come through my PC speakers, and it’s certainly possible for tape recorders to accidentally be tuned to a distant weak AM station.

You mean like real voices with words? I say the erase function is not so good and you are hearing old recordings - assumes you are using an old tape

You mean noises that sound voice like? Just the human brain trying to make sense out of otherwise non-sensical sounds.

Get several friends to listen to it and ask them to write down what they hear, good way to get into their heads.

Cannot compete with lightning speed of FDISK…

FDISK totally new tape, of course, in the interests of science.

**Q.E.D.[b/] similar to picking up a cordless phone and hearing your neighbor’s conversation - that would make some sense…

But still am curious to know whether this would occur on newer technology…

Lordy, my jitters are killing my coding. Oh, well - I was bad to begin with… :smiley:

I still think it is the pickup of RF from any number of transmitters. AM, CB, shortwave. Some are much more powerful than others and the pick and recording heads of even the old tape recorders are very sensitive…

If it was an etherial thing, we would be able to hear them in a quiet room…

You’d probably get similar results with newer technology. Get a microphone that you can plug into your computer’s sound card and start recording.

There are plenty of websites that take this “phenomenon” seriously.

In the book “Legion”, Blatty’s sequel to “The Exorcist”, one character gets “voices” by using a diode instead of a mike. YMMV, and use at your own risk (of harming your equipment).

In the real world, though, as others have said, you’re either picking up real broadcasts or your brain is finding something vaguely recognizable in random noise.

When I was a kid, around 1960, my family had an old portable record player with a tube amplifier. It actually did pick up a local radio station. You could even hear when they gave the station ID.