Older movie, guy in car vs ghost? semi?

Hi all, just recalled an odd little movie from many years ago yesterday, and for the life of me cannot recall any specific details.

I can see the actor, but the name isnt clicking and I can’t remember what else he has played in though he has played in a lot of stuff.

Anyway, the gist of the story is a guy driving cross country, or something like that, and somehow pisses of the driver of this dirty old big rig. They continue to have road rage encounters that get worse and worse. There is also the implication that maybe this truck only exists in his mind or is perhaps some supernatural truck.

I cant recall the actor, the name of the movie, and most importantly I am curious as to what the hell it was all about as well as what the ending was supposed to mean.

“Duel”. Starring Dennis Weaver.

I think the director was Spielberg (one of his first movies?). Someone more knowledgeable will be along soon to confirm this, I hope.

Correct. It was Spielberg’s first big film. I seem to recall hearing that it was his film school thesis project, but can’t find conformation of that.

Made for TV in 1971. Screenplay by Richard Matheson, of “I am Legend” fame. I don’t think it was a thesis project, because Speilberg never finished film school, and had been working in TV for about ten years by this time, directing mostly episodes of series.

Pretty decent film, too. The semi was bad-ass creepy. Directed by Spielberg and written by Richard Matheson (“I Am Legend”), so it has pretty good bones.


Bingo! Thats the one!

Thanks guys. Off to read wikipedia, which hopefully explains the darn thing.