Olentzero Flamebaits Himself for Satan


So there, Maeglin. I got precedent. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeeeesh, Olentzero, the classic case of the mixture of Latin and Greek producing an abomination:









No one is safe…


I just wanna duck in here to say that I LIKED Satan! I’m sad that he was banned! (Watch: :frowning: See?) While I agree that continued ignoring of the rules is grounds for banning (PS: I LOVE you mods!! Would you like starch on your shorts?) I hope that if Satan apologizes and asks to be re-instated, you guys will at least consider the request…

Just my opinion…

I’m a recent registrant, but a long time lurker, and Satan’s characterization that Muffin was a weasel had little to do with his banning. It was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. God knows we’ve all seen worse in GD.

I think that the beginning of the end was when he questioned TubaDiva’s integrity a few months back.

Don’t ask me to post a link. A computer is a typewriter with a TV that doesn’t get any good stations.
I will continue to return here, to learn (GQ is my fave) but also to see if other posters are held to the same high standards that Satan was.

I have seen some evidence that this is not the case, but that was then. This is now. Maybe the tolerance level of the Administrators and Moderators has slipped a couple of notches.I can certainly understand that. This is a huge board, and policing it must be a nightmare.

Nevertheless, banning Satan, and Kyberneticist, was quick on the draw. These were valuable posters.

Perhaps, as Esprix opined, none of us are safe.

Esprix said:

Oh, horseshit–that makes it sound like the admins and mods have taken to wearing brown shirts and are going around beating up non-aryans.

Try this formulation: No one is safe because of their registration date, post count, or popularity amongst the masses. That would be an accurate statement of the conditions, and I’ll be damned if I see anything objectionable in it.

Clairmont said:

Yes, I would say that the tolerance level hasslipped a couple of notches–maybe even more than a couple. This is unfortunate, but given the popualion growth of this board it’s also probably necessary–the mods and admins don’t have the time or resources to play footsie with fuckups the way they used to.

I’m gonna concur in part and dissent in part. (I’m practicing for when Bush appoints me to the Supreme Court.) Insofar as I understand the situation with Kyberneticist (and the entirety of my understanding comes from reading that thread on Fathom, so I am not exactly an expert), I don’t think I would have banned him–at least not without more warning to him that he was on the edge of the cliff. Satan is a bit different–he had plenty of warning that he was about to go over the side–but I probably wouldn’t have banned him either. If this were the MysterEcks Message Board, bannings would be few and far between–I’m a libertarian at heart.

But this ain’t the MysterEcks Message Board, and the admins and mods aren’t required to ask my opinion of how to do their jobs. The SDMB belongs to the *Chicago Reader;*the administrators and moderators are agents of the Readerauthorized to run the place as they find necessary and proper. Their house, their rules–the price we pay to participate here is to follow those rules and cooperate with the agents. We can disagree with those rules, and the interpretation and enforcement of them–and despite periodic angst from people who should know better, disgreement will not get you snuffed–but that isn’t license to not follow them.

Read my formulation of Esprix’s statement again. Another way of stating it in another context would be: “the rule of law, not individuals.” Should Satan be entitled to ignore rules that would apply to me, because he’s been here longer and has more posts and more people know who he is? Should I be entitled to ignore rules that would apply to you, because I’ve been here longer and have more posts and more people know who I am? You say you want to see if other posters are held to the same standards as Satan, but aren’t you suggesting in part that Satan shouldn’t have been held to the same standards as other posters?

In practical terms, there issome leeway–a poster the mods and admins know may be cut a little slack that somebody who has nine posts won’t…and I think that was exactly the case with Satan. (And this can work in reverse, too–a nine-post poster may be cut some slack with regards to things like posting in the wrong forum, whereas a four-digit person would be presumed to know better.) This is understandable, but making it into policy would be a bad idea in my opinion.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only technically-inept person around here.

Nah, it’s better to think of it as “No one is special”

Hey … everyone is special in their own way!

But John, have you no thought for the physical fitness of your posters, stuck behind their monitors waiting on your every word. The emotional calesthenics of jumping to conclusions, contorting other people’s positions, etc., keeps them in shape. As witness the forum you moderate.


Speaking of jumping to conclusions, etc.; I read Esprix’ post and thought he was talking about tomndebb’s trouble with the vB code…

My apologies, John C.. I started that thread before Kyber was banned, with no idea that he shortly would be. Given the rapid sequence of events in the next 2-3 hours (the deleted thread, Kyber’s banning), the conversation quickly included breaking developments.

Next time, things aren’t likely to unfold the same way. I’ll email first. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the translation, MysterEcks. No one would ever be able to interpret my posts without your help.

(Oh, wait, almost forgot this: :rolleyes: )


Esprix said:

I didn’t realize that once constituted “ever”…but you’re welcome.

(Oops…I don’t wanna forget this: :D)

I had a feeling this was gonna turn ugly sooner or later. Last thing I wanted to do (although I’m sure I invited it just by opening this thread) was revive any sort of debate on Satan or moderator actions/personality/behavior. For better or for worse, I’m having this thread locked.

Poly- while it is true that jumping to a conclusion is good for getting the heart races, I prefer a more calisthenic workout- gathering together evidence, assembling it into monoliths of proof, and moving mountains of ignorance with our work.

At the request of the OP, I’m gonna close this thread. If you’d like to further discuss the Satan issue (or any other issue touched upon in this thread), feel free to open a new thread.