Olentzero Flamebaits Himself for Satan

OK, I’ve dug around in Search for this one and I just can’t find it. Would someone be kind enough to post a link to the thread wherein Satan got himself banned? Just curious as to what happened, is all.

donning asbestos suit, preparing for the “Where the fuck have you BEEN, lameass?” posts

Ed Zotti’s explanation

Where the fuck have you BEEN, lameass??? :wink:

(Seriously, where HAVE you been? I missed ya!)

Hey, lameass, whe… oh, hell, it’s old already. Sorry.

Anyways. Follow the link Coldfire provided, and you’ll find Ed’s announcement, several links wherein showing Satan’s behavior that led to his banning, and a great deal of discussion regarding the event. The thread’s currently locked, so if you’d like to express your opinion on the matter, feel free to respond in this thread or create a new Pit thread on the matter.

Obviously, Falcon, you’ve forgotten, even though you were one of the few responders to the thread. Olentzero was in Spain getting his Santa suit. See http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=52783

Thanks one and all. John, rest assured I’m not into the whole S&M/equinecrophilia thing so I won’t be bring it up outside this thread. I was just surprised to see the Scarlet Label underneath his name in the Raleigh Dopefest thread and my curiosity was piqued.

‘equinecrophilia’- that is such a cool word. I’m definitely picking that up, though probably only in on-line writing; in casual conversation, my attempts to pronounce it would sound like a bad George W. Bush impersonation. “Equinopricla. Er, Equinianecrophil. Er, Equinininincorphilia. Fuck it, man, you’re beating a dead horse.”
Anyways- no, I completely understand; I expect that over the next few weeks/months there will be the occasional “What happened to Satan?” question, and if people feel they have new ground to cover with their discussion, I don’t see why they should feel they need to keep quiet simply because it happened on a week they couldn’t get to the SDMB.

Of course, that’s assuming it’s new ground. Equinecrophilia (God, that’s a cool word; thanks, Olent) is always frowned upon.


No, no.

Ahhh. I feel better.
necrohippoflagellation, the main sport in GD…

The fuck kinda lameass conglomerative borrowing is that?! Dude, you couldn’t successfully borrow words from another language out of a wet paper bag if your life depended on it.

Although technically, the phrase might better be constructed as necrequinophilia, but still. Yer loan-word construction skills bite the big wiener. With ketchup on it, no less.

“Behold the creature that walks like a man! His lexicological abilities are like unto ketchup on a hot dog.”


Heeeeeeeey. Dat’s not nice.

Actually, Kyber as a point. You know I luv ya, Olentzero, but compounding Latin prefixes onto Greek radii would make me wanna lay the smackdown on anyone.

Not that necrohippophilia sounds particularly good…but at least it’s consistent.

But Kyber never should have added the -flagel- part. That’s just a lousy Latinism.


While we’re on the subject…anyone know why Kyberneticist has a big ol’ “BANNED” uder his name?

Yeah, what the hell? Just curious, because I haven’t seen anything…
Guin the Gossip Addict

The developing story on Kyber is he made a li’l program to see when the boards are jammed. The thread in ATMB is gone however.
I don’t know anymore however.

Holy crap!

This is like flu season at the old fogies home! they are dropping like flies!!

I’m sure both of our recent dearly departeds will be the topic of fascinating conversation at the DC Lunch Bunch tomorrow.

Which you’ll be at, right?

[sub]Anniz is going to be there.[/sub]

Wait a minute. Just hold on there!

You people are telling me that Satan was banned??? :confused::confused:

[sub]Spooje sits in stunned silence[/sub]

SterlingNorth–thanks for the link.

Or, of course, one could actually ask one of the moderators in e-mail why Kyber was banned. That’s kind of what we’d prefer.

Nerdboy smackdown! ROFL :smiley:

I’m tryin’ to think of other words where mixing of Latin and Greek roots may occur but it’s almost Lunch Bunch time and I gotta get some last-minute work done.

By no means is this laid to rest, oh no it’s not. evil laugh