Is it possible to go overboard in the pit?

Has anyone ever been BANNED for being too lewd in the pit?

For being too offensive, yes.

Queen of the Pit

But “offensive” is not the same as being “lewd”. What did you have in mind, SK? :smiley:

Just don’t use any swear words. Those are explicitly forbidden in the Pit.



Flirting in the pit should be a bannable offense.

So, Kamandi, how you doin’? :smiley:
checks forum
Oops, nevermind…

You said I was your hero in a pit thread once, for calling chips chips. You didn’t mean it? [sub]I feel so cheap.[/sub]

When you say offensive Lynn, just how offensive?

I find Sultan’s post in this thread to be one of the most offensive things I have ever seen on the SDMB (pre and post AOL days).

Wow. Thanks for pointing that thread out. That Sultan character gives me the creeps.

Calling someone “my hero” is flirting? I thought I was just expressing my support and appreciation for another Doper’s proper use of vernacular. I had no idea my words had such sexual power.

Don’t feel cheap, Fran honey. Come on over and share my chips with me…

For being too offensive, yes. Obviously you didn’t read this the first time, or you wanted to see how far you could take it. Other dopers gave you plenty of indication that you were being too offensive, yet you persisted.


For the Straight Dope
(crossposted because it’s relevant in two threads.)

So did the terrible stuff get erased? Or is it still at the link at the top of this thread?

::goes to make appropriate sacrifice at the Altar of Lynn::

In general, the administration here is very unwilling to simply erase whole posts and threads. They’ll lock a thread when it’s getting out of hand, and remove some offensive comments from a post or two, but only very rarely will there be wholesale deleting.

And thanks, Lynn.

So is that a yes or a no or a “usually, but I can’t tell”?
Cause I can’t tell, and I’m interested in the actual answer, rather than a guess. If it’s not too much to ask.

It’s all still there, BG, an object lesson to little Dopers. “Thou shalt not piss off La Bodoni.”

Blue Green - Yes, everything is still there as far as I can see.

I posted the OP and contributed to the rest of the thread. I haven’t received an e-mail from the mods or admin so I am not sure if I took it too far. My apologies to the board if I did (no apologies to Sultan and the other freaks who chimed in to back him up. I meant every word I wrote). However, I don’t think I successfully showed my true and total disgust with this person by the words I posted. Had I done so, you would probably be seeing the words BANNED under my name as well.

Oh and Lynn? Antonio Banderas will be delivering your chocolates in a few days, naked except for the rose in his mouth. Says he will do anything you want him to do.

Well, I wasn’t sure exactly what link was meant by “the top of the page”, since the only link in this thread was a bit further down, so I decided to play it safe and answer for the general case.

Can we arrange a dopefest for this event? :smiley: