Is it possible to go overboard in the pit?

Chocolate syrup, naked Antonio, and a Dopefest? Doesn’t get much better than that, does it? :wink:

Good. My Lair could use a good cleaning, and then I need some more bookshelves built. After that, he can clean up the kitchen…why are you all staring at me like that?

Shall we send Hugh Jackman instead?

If this is an inappropriate forum for complaints about mods and admins, then it is also an inappropriate forum for fawning toadyism.

Really? And you make this statement through the virtue of what authority, exactly?

Oh! Wait! You have none!

Hey Lynn: Anyone who can cause this much great emotional distress to TheLoadedDog is OK in my book! Where should I send the chocolates, you wonderful board-Goddess, you?

(“fawning toadyism”?! :rolleyes: What? Did you have some sort of deep emotional investment in Sultan Kinkari’s posts or something?)

*Originally posted by Fenris *

I guess that makes two of us.

Hey Lynn: Anyone who can cause this much great emotional distress to TheLoadedDog is OK in my book! Where should I send the chocolates, you wonderful board-Goddess, you?


And through the virtue of what authority exactly do you feel free to make personal attacks in ATMB?


No mate, I’d actually never heard of the bloke befoe this all started. It’s just that when I went to the pit thread in question after the fact to find out for myself what the fuss was about, I found nothing apart from minor brattiness on Sultan’s part, and a moderator who was making jokes about his dead grandmother’s vagina. Oh well, call me old fashioned, it just doesn’t sit well with me. You may attack me further in Badtz Maru’s Pit thread on the matter if you see fit. You should know better than to do so here.

*Originally posted by TheLoadedDog *

But, see…I wasn’t making up brand-new rules for the ATMB forum, and pretending to have the authority to do so, so your “Nyaah! You are too!” response doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Where do you see a personal attack? You do seem upset. Very upset. Upset enough to toss around insults like “fawning toadyism” in ATMB, despite the fact that you stated that you know it’s against the rules. I pointed out that you seemed to be extremely upset. I specifically didn’t attribute blame or value to the statement that you were in great emotional distress.


Spiffy, but since you’re not a real Mod, despite your attempts to act as one, I think I’ll ignore your rebuke. I’ll stay here and wait for a real Mod to tell me whether or not the phrase “great emotional distress” in response to someone tossing around the “fawning toadism” phrase directed at a number of posters was a “personal attack” or an accurate description.


Fenris, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Yes, I was a wee bit pissed off when I wrote that first post. “Very upset”? Hardly. In fact, if I were very upset, I’d not have almost instantly regretted posting it. I do regret posting it, and I wish I had not done so. But if I am guilty of being a “wannabe mod”, I suspect I am not alone in that. I offer my apologies to Tuba for lowering the tone of her forum. It would be nice if you could join me in that.

Yeah. Fair enough. My reply was…um…a little…er…snarky too. And probably not appropriate either.

On the other hand, you realize we’re violating a tradition here. We’re supposed to get nastier and nastier until we get yelled at by a mod or admin who closes the thread. If we don’t follow the ritual, what’ll people think? :wink: :smiley:


People on the SDMB think??? Cite please.

(jus’ joking. OTOH, major credit for use of the word “snarky” )

Consider it done. Knock it off.


Bit of a delay replying because of my weird time zone. No hard feelings Fenris eh what, old chap?:slight_smile:

UncleBeer, consider us snarkless. But you didn’t close this thread? We have reputations to consider! :eek:

And Euty, just remember you saw Fawning Toadyism play live way back in 2001 before they made it big.

This is the second time in about two weeks i’ve seen someone banned for voicing an unpopular opinion. Could someone please tell me the bannable topics so i don’t accidentally take the wrong side of an argument. So far i’ve got “WTC cleanup crew” and “sexual harassment” on my list of topics never to voice an opinion about on fear of being banned. If there are others, i’d like to know so that i don’t accidentally give an opinion where it’s not needed.


Topic schmopic.

It’s not about voicing unpopular opinions, its a matter of how many butts you kiss and how often you kiss 'em. Ive noticed it helps if you spend a lot of time flirting and praising the mods with promises of chocolates or beer, (dont forget to pad your post count, too) you should be okay.

[list=1][li]flirting[*]praising [/list=1][/li]
i did not mean flirt with and praise the mods at the same time however i am sure that its done.

flirt with other dopers to gain popularity

praise the mods to gain mod security

never ever flirt and praise a mod at the same time, right Tuba?

btw, uh, TubaDear you look wonderful tonight…i picked you some flowers, they match the colour of you socks :wink:

Monocracy, that’s the second time I’ve seen your claim someone got banned about sexual harassment. Post a link or shut up about it.


Let’s see…

Butts kissed: Zero
Gifts Promised: Zero
Times I’ve flirted: Zero
Am I banned: No

On the other hand:

Times I’ve called WTC rescue workers ‘morons’, said ‘fuck them’, compared my everyday experiences with death to shifting through human remains for weeks: Zero
Times I’ve posted work arounds to do things we’re not supposed to do: Zero
Times I’ve kept bitching on about a topic after being told to stop: Zero
Times I’ve insulted people, lied to people and claimed it was all part of a sociology experiment: Zero
Times I’ve posted racist tripe all over the boards: Zero


Which might explain why we are all the rage over here .

Don’t. Go. There.


Unless you really enjoy being a true Rebel Without a Cause.

Monocracy: Frankly, all it takes to get along here is enough self-awareness to hear the words you’re posting, and hear them with the ears of a stranger - preferably before hitting “Submit Reply.” Not that hard, really.

It’s true that the longer and the better your track record, the more slack you’re given for mistakes, but there are limits for everyone.

So you’re complaining about this because you’re not popular? I’ve always figured those threads were divisive.

Actually, that thread’s a pretty lousy example. It’s about interesting RL things you might not know about people. I’ve never run for Parliament, I’m not an expert on anything. I can’t kick anyone’s neck out through their nose. I don’t belong on that thread.

But most people know who I am, I think, and it’s not “that guy who’s always whining about the mods”. If you want to be one of the big names, you’ve gotta post a lot of threads and yeah, you gotta schmooze. Just like real life, outgoing people are popular. But nobody gets banned for being unpopular. They just don’t make popularity threads.