Satan has been banned

Satan has been banned. I regret having to do this; he has been a prolific poster who has made positive contributions to the SDMB. But I have had it with his continual flinging of insults and attempts to demonize posters with whom he disagrees. The most recent example was:

In this thread in Great Debates, Satan lays into Muffin, calls her a “weasel,” and generally heaps abuse on her. She had done nothing to deserve this other than to disagree with him on an animal rights issue. In my book this violates our #1 rule, don’t be a jerk. It ain’t the first time. A while back I warned Satan that any further violations of our rules would result in revocation of his posting privileges. Enough is enough. He’s outta here.

I’ll miss Satan. I liked his pithy responses in the pit and elsewhere. Of course, I have no clue how he was in GD as I’m not smart enough to hang out there and don’t even dare read the thread title. I’ll stop before this starts to sound like a frickin’ eulogy.

You had to do what you had to do, Ed. Thanks for informing the rest of us.

Are we going to be invaded by the left behind lot now, all clapping, singing and dancing in circles?


and saddened. I believe that Satan has had some problems in his personal life (got laid off from his job, for one thing) and maybe this carried over into some of his posts.
I do believe that people should have the right to disagree with each other without being attacked, and I don’t see that this sort of attack convinces anyone to agree with the attacker, or furthers any cause.

Once a person is banned, is it possible for him/her to apologize to the offended parties, promise to reform, and be reinstated? Is there precedence for this?

I read the thread, and Satan’s posts did make me uneasy. In the OP, he did not make his position clear as to his opinion on the subject, and yet attacked someone who ventured to voice an opinion. Ad hominem attacks accomplish nothing, except, apparently, to get you banned if you do it long enough.

Good-bye, Satan. You will be missed.


coughKOcough cough

That’s a damn shame. Even though I doubt it will happen I really hope Ed changes his mind and gives him another chance because as far as GD attacks go there are worse on the front page at the moment.

I think - - -> :frowning: best sums up my thoughts on the matter.

If democratic input is welcomed, I’d like to add my vote to giving him another chance if he apologizes. I’ve always found him to be a valuable part of the SDMB.

I was going to say something smart-assy like “bu-bye Brian”, but then I decided against it.

There was a time a year or so ago that he seemed like a pretty decent person, in fact, I had even invited him to stay at my house when he was thinking of making his Doper Road Trip. It’s too bad that that person somehow vanished and was replaced by someone so full of hate.

I think it is sad when someone’s life is so miserable that they take out their anger on others. I won’t pretend that I know much about Brian’s life, I don’t, but judging him only by his SDMB presence, he is a hateful, miserable, sad individual. I truly hope things get better for him in the future.

I don’t pretend to be an angel and I won’t offer any apologies for my actions in his Pit thread “What Do We Call These People” or any other contact I have had with him. I have disagreed with Brian on certain issues and I made my feelings known. He has shown time and time again his inability to accept other points of view without turning on his hate. He doesn’t intimidate me, in fact, I find most of his arguments laughable, but his disgusting displays of condescending vile towards other posters who did get hurt or upset with his actions got tiresome. Muffin was not the first undeserving poster to be on the receiving end of his attacks and she would not have been the last.

I also have a problem with is implication that those who are not active in GD are inferior to those who are. Evidentually, he should have been more concerned with his own actions in GD instead of looking down his nose at others. He was unable to debate civily without personal attacks. His pet names for women who disagreed with him (cunt, twat) were disgusting and well beyond the accepted vulgarities shown on the board. Maybe it is differences in where you live, but the men I have known through out my life would never, ever, ever, call a female a “cunt” or a “twat” no matter how anger they were. To do so, would show them to be classless trash instead of men.

Am I sorry that he is gone? Nope. The rest of the members don’t need the bullshit he brought to the board. I will admit that I do miss the old Brian, but the old Brian left the boards long ago. I wish him well and hope that whatever it is making him so hateful towards others goes away soon.

Thanks Ed!

In regards to giving him another chance, I think this was his second or third chance. Am I correct?

Damn, Diane just came in and said exactly what I was going to say. Well put, Diane.

And, yes, Ed and crew have given him plenty of chances.

What Demo and Diane said. I liked Brian, until recently. He was funny, intelligent, and an all around good guy.

Of late, however, he’s changed, and I was shocked to see the rather vitriolic and detestible turn he’s taken lately. And, while I know some stuff’s going down in his life right now which might EXPLAIN his behaviour, it doesn’t EXCUSE it.

Actually, I think this might be good for him. Let him take some time off, get over it, and get back to being the guy he was before.

Well, Brian, if you’re reading this, I hope things get better for you, and that this gives you something to think about.

I am disappointed that Satan has been banned.

My disappointment is not in the administration, which did what it had to after numerous warnings, but rather in Satan, who I feel was generally a valuable contributor to our community. I agree with those who observed that Satan’s posts of late have been more sour and angry than those of some time ago. However, over the time I’ve been on the board I’ve seen him repeatedly skate right up to the edge (or somewhat over) and get warned but be allowed to remain. Unfortunately, he skated over the edge one too many times.

With Satan’s banning and the recent banning of Danielinthewolvesden, I applaud the administration for having the fortitude to ban long-time, well-known posters when their behavior fails to meet the standards required for everyone else. Both bannings came after repeated public warnings (and I assume private ones as well) of what conduct would not be tolerated.

If Satan requests reinstatement at some later time, the Administration will have a difficult choice. I know they will act in the best interests of the boards.

Thanks you Ed, Lynn, Tuba, Dex and the moderators for keeping this a balanced level of control on this sometimes wild and wooly place.

I KNOW this is most likely not the place for this. But can someone point me directly toward information about what it means to be BANNED. I noticed a couple of other posters with the “BANNED” word below their names like a scarlet letter. But they were still posting. So I was wondering what the deal is with that. I’m sorry to be so lazy, but there’s a LOT of information to wade through here and it would be a big help if someone would just send me an e-mail or a link or something.

Thanks for not yelling at me for posting in the wrong place and being lazy!


Satan and Danielinthewolvesden?

Jeez, I better get over my current cranky binge.

Both will be missed.


I think they are not actually posting any new posts after they’re banned. It’s just that the “BANNED” label is retroactively applied to all their posts; so, the poster is banned Thursday afternoon, but something posted on Tuesday (before the ban) now bears the “BANNED” label; so do the subsequent posts on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Their very first post, months or years ago, will also show the “BANNED” label.

And from the files of “Things that Should Have Occurred to Me on My Own”:

*Originally posted by MEBuckner *

Duh! Thanks so much for answering my question. :slight_smile:


all I can say is ** Damn… **

Satan will be missed greatly.

“In regards to giving him another chance, I think this was his second or third chance. Am I

From what Ed, wrote, yes that seems the correct assumption.

However, I hardly ever see any posts from Brian because I don’t read those areas he posts.

Count me in among those who’d like to see Satan return – he’s definitely one of the brightest folks in the SDMB.