Where'd Satan Go?

No, not the Prince of Darkness, but that frequent poster to the Great Debates forum, the venerable Satan aka Brian O. I just realized I hadn’t seen anything from him lately, so I looked it up, and he has not posted in almost two weeks! So where did he go? Is he on vacation? Perhaps an extended trip through the netherworld? A quick search has turned up nothing. I miss his acerbic wit! Does anyone have any clues as to his whereabouts?

My guess is, he’s influencing the vote in Florida :wink:

From what I’ve heard, he’s been very busy lately but hasn’t posted for a while partially due to another reason.

But hey, don’t worry about it, he’ll be back! :wink:

Yeah Mars, I was wondering the same. I know there’s been a bit of friction between him and at least one of the mods. I searched with trepidation to see if his status had changed to BANNED; fortunately this was not the case.

Yer pal,

One month, two weeks, 3 hours, 4 minutes and 5 seconds *(in dog-time)
89 sheets not needing to be washed, savings $12.89
Time saved not shaving palms: 5 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes
Extra time with Rosie Palmer: 2 weeks, 2 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes

Hope this helps assauge any feelings of loss…

Satan was not banned from the SDMB. However, he was issued a warning by Ed Zotti in this Pit thread, now locked. It’s the last post in that thread.

I have no idea whether or not that is the reason you’re looking for - but those are the facts.

Interesting irony in that sig, scratch. It has a certain style - not sure what, but…nice.

Along those lines (sort of):

Where the hell is FreakFreely? I haven’t seen him around in a while.

I think he split after everyone told them how much he was hated. (freak, not satan)

I havent seen Freak since that pit thread. :frowning:

pun, sweetie…

You’re joking on that, yes? If not, lemme know and I’ll point you to the thread.

forgot the link http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?postid=728592#post728592

It was like watching a suicide.

You mean you didn’t hear the door slam when Satan left? :rolleyes: (See thread link above.)

Pun, you really are kidding, right? It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever witnessed on the SDMB, which is saying a lot considering how bizarre most of you are. :wink:


Actually, I’ve been a bit distracted lately and missed both of these episodes of “As the board turns” also. Thanks for the links.

And now I look up and see that ColdieClogs is a MOD! What is this board coming to! Ack!


I heard from mutual friends—and Drain Bead can either confirm or deny this—that Satan is no longer working at the same job, and no longer has Internet access. The Pit thread may have just been a coincidence of timing.

Anyway, best wishes, and I hope all’s well with the Lord of Darkness and his betrothed!

There is more!!

I’ll just put the kettle on and then we can really get cracking with the patchwork quilt…………:rolleyes:

I just read the thread.

I stopped reading that after the first page. Big kettle of fish I didn’t want to get into.

Reading it now, I’m damn glad I didn’t. Hoo boy.

The facts, as much as I choose to tell you:

13 days ago, Brian got laid off from his job. Since then, he’s been scrambling to look for another one, and has been too busy to post (or to do his moderating duties at Fathom, which is why Sue is now moderating the BMZ over there). In fact, he was in New York City with minimal internet access for a good portion of this time (got back to NC yesterday night) and didn’t even have time to throw an impromptu dopefest, which all of you know he usually does if he’s in an area with lots of SD folks.

The warning happened on the day after he was fired, and according to the dates I checked, he posted every post in that thread pretty much a matter of hours after he heard. I’m not making excuses–in fact, he might vouch that I got on his case for seeing something that wasn’t there, even though I understood how much his current mental state was contributing to that. Ed Zotti was also aware of the situation before he made the warning, but I guess it wasn’t an excuse (and I say that with all kindness toward Ed, whom I consider to be a friend). So while the warning was ill-timed with his departure, it’s not at all a reason for it.

If you could do either of us a favor, please stop the speculation and the gossip. I didn’t want to have to do this, but I’d rather have the truth be out than have people assume the kind of things that Coldfire was. We’ve been going through a world of hurt because of this, as you might imagine, and right now we have better things to concentrate on than quelling the tides of gossip. Like me graduating, and him finding a job.


I would ‘take it to email’ but since he is without 'puter, there isnt much point…

Drain, tell him I am keeping my fingers crossed for him, and that this SUCKS!!! (not the message board crap, but the losing of a job) They say losing a job is one of the MOST stressful things that can happen, and he has my support.

Good luck to you both,

Drainy, I think what we were doing was conveying our concern and best wishes for Satan—I haven’t seen any gossip or anything mean-spirited on this thread.

Hope you will pass that along to him, and have a nice cup of tea and calm down. Hope he finds a new job and that we’ll see him back here soon, as full of beans as ever. Though we New Yorkers may never forgive his passing our way without a how-d’do . . .

Coldfire seemed to have avoided assuming anything, but providing a link to what others were talking about so they could see for themselves.

Well, there are plenty of people talking without all the facts–Coldfire presented his, but it wasn’t everything. I consider stuff like that to be gossip.

As for “mean-spirited,” well…

You be the judge. Again, I posted in here to stop shit like this from happening. I’m sure it won’t happen again, but once is enough.