Satan and his Sneaky Ways

I was reading another thread and was hit with this message from Satan, just nonchalantly slipped in among the daffodils:

I am completely out of the loop about this. Satan, I though there was a standing rule that you were required to keep us all informed about your personal life, starting new threads as necessary. Are you going to fill us in?

Live a Lush Life
Da Chef

Apparently it won’t be long before he’s filling someone in… :wink:

(sorry Satan! I couldn’t resist!)

So yes, please! Do tell!

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.
C’mon up and see me sometime.

Possibly someone’ll be filling Satan in?!

I sense another felching thread coming on…

Yeah, Satan…who’s the lucky girl? :wink:

Where have you ppl been hiding…even I know who she is and I am usually the last to hear about anything!!!

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

Hey, inquiring minds want to know!

Well, since the cross-country progression of Satanic Minions fell through, I’m glad there are hints that season may yet be merry and warm for him.

Not that we’re so tacky we’d press for details. But if he feels the need to share each and every intimate detail…well, we’re here for him.

Elaborately not curious,

Hmmmm . . . .


Hoo! Methinks Satan’s minion may be measuring much more mileage than a meager miles per gallon meandering might …

Sounds certain Satan should scored soon.
Selective supposedly, sans serious stuff.

Sorry. So-long.

Melin: Mephistopheles’ monkey-muffin?!!

Seems to me that Satan’s post in the “Heaven” thread over in GD is very, very suggestive. But hey, I could be wrong…

\\| |/
=== '>

A gentleman never kisses and tells…

Yer pal,

Hmmm…Its saturday.

So, she let you use her 'puter huh?
Did ya meet the mom yet?
Have a good weekend.

p.s. I like you guys, be kind to each other, dont fuck this up.

yer pal, kelli

I know something y’all dont know…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I am so so new here and even I fingered it out :wink:

Could you drop just one or two more hints? I think I’ve almost got it!

Between this and the Flora McFlimsey mystery, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and I can’t get off the computer until I get at least a little satisfaction.

“A slightly altered view of the world…”
Chrome Toaster

Satan, so what’s stopping you from giving us the details, I see nothing in that post that precludes your dishing for us.
But, I happen to know the dirt so no need to spill on my account, unless of course there are some especially specific details you’d like to unburden yourself with.

Is there something someone needs to tell me?

Oops! Mom’s here!


I’m the aunt not the mom.