Martyr #7 has also been banned

I fail to see the reason why.

BeCAUSE I am in charge around here!

Der Fuhrer

Okay… Let me ask here - WHo has ben banned from what and why?

Color me clueless, but I needs them facts!

Yer pal,

C#3 has been banned for posting porn spam (near as I can tell). Martyr #7 is almost certainly C#3 (and is now booted), as is A. Hitler and possibly Cheiflaffitup. More pseonymns to come, I’m sure.

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The story, or at least his side of it, is somewhere in MPSIMS. According to him, he posted a link to a business site, which was yanked. He then, as a joke, reposted the post with the link being, with as many X’s as the number of letters in the name of the company. That, unfortunately, happened to be a live link to a porn site, which he wasn’t aware of at the time. Therefore, busted for posting porn spam.

Okay, since when do links come up normally without using the UBB code?

To the, mighty powers that be:

Please do not ban Drain Bead.

She made an honest mistake…please oh holy ones…let it slide as a mistake.

Luckily, that’s a dead link. I guess Connie was unlucky enough to put just the right number of X’s.

The links come up since the Great Message Board Change about a month ago.

Undead Dude implied, and I wish I knew, that the original link C#3 posted had Connie’s id # in it so he’s get a quarter or whatever for each click through. If this is true, I say, yes, boot him. I do not wish posters to be spamming to make money off the TM.

Admins, any confirmation?

“Happiness is nonetheless true happiness because it must come to an end, nor do thought and love lose their value because they are not everlasting.”

  • Bertrand Russell

Ye Gods!

What’s next?
Ye Gods!

What’s next?





Connie tells me that the original link did contain his ID, but only took you to an information page. He made nothing from this unless the user then decided to sign up under him and then yes, he could have stood to make .10 per hour. The site sells nothing at all.

Connie says that he reposted the link for information WITHOUT his ID too.

Connie wonders why the OP wasn’t closed as by answering the question and providing a link for more information was in and of itself a offense…

Connie hates clicking on links out here in SDMBland that take you to sites that offer to take your money by selling you things. At last look, there are literally dozens of them out here that meet no retribution from the moderators.

If he could make money from it, it is spam. This is a Great and Evil Sin.

Connie felt like he was offering people information as to a fairly easy way to make a little money to spend on SDMB sponsor products and services while they spend time surfing the SDMB.

After the initial warning and deletion, he no longer made any reference to his ID and therefore had NOTHING at all to gain other than to help inform people.

At 10:05 this morning, CDextHavn writes:

“On the other hand, as noted, there’s nothing to stop someone from getting a new email address and re-upping. Presumably that means they are prepared to comply with the behaviour standards, and we’re happy to have their contributions.”

Within minutes Martyr #7 was banned.

Methinks that the left hand knows not what the right is doing…or somebody is a liar.

This is cool! I’m going to set up a second user name so I can troll for myself!

Username1: Uh, I heard that JFK was killed by MC Hammer under orders from the CIA. Is this true?

Username2: Why sure it is! Here are links to my own pet conspiracy theories!

Or in real life:

Seems the SDMB administration might have created a monster.


I don’t car WHO that fucker is, but I completely fail to see the humour in assuming a nickname like Adolf Hitler.

I believe this must be what PC people would call “Historically Impaired”.

Piece of shit. Try and think of what OTHER people might think of such a thing before exposing your grotesque stupidity to the world.


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C#3 and M#7 have asked me to pass on that they are not the “piece of shit” who uses the Adolph Hitler handle.

Wow, the whole C#3/M#7 posting saga is an amazingly surreal event to sit back and watch. I am not sure whether it is good or bad that I never had run-ins with C#3, but everytime I see a new user name I fear that I am going to try and figure out if it is yet another incarnation of the banned poster. Forget Beverly Hills 90210, I’ve got Straight Dope C3#M#7 mania!

All generalizations suck.

C#3, FWIW, I didn’t think that Hitler dude was you. I always enjoyed most of your posts, anyway. You seem like an OK dude that happened to stumble upon the wrong circumstances.

As for this PoS who claims he’s “Der Führer”, feel free to explain yourself regarding the reasoning that lead you to choose that very name. I’m sure someone of YOUR intelligence should be able to do so.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)


C#3/M#7 wish to thank you for the kind words, but they’d also like to remind you that it doesn’t matter if you or one hundred other members enjoyed his posts. The admins don’t care. They decided long ago that they hate him and it’s their ball and they’ll just take it and go home if they wish.