Wake for contestant#3

I hate to flog an expired equine, but Contestant#3 got banned from the message board today. Justifiably, IMO. Being obnoxious was one thing. Posting porn spam was another.

And one “Martyr#7” joined today.

We’re currently at 3-1 that the martyr is Connie. Takers?


Betcha dollars to donuts that C#3 is M#7. The name and voice is just too similar.

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Jesus! I’m waiting for Paul Harvey to step out with “the rest of the story.”

Anyone care to point us at some threads?

I just read his post in GD.

His fingerprints are all over the place.

This space for rent.

Probably so. I don’t think any regs are operating under the misconception that I’m not somebody else. And we’ve got a few others. I’m not looking at one his posts right now, so I might spell the name wrong, but Al Zheimers has noted that said username is but one of his usernames. Style and content are a knockoff.

Internet, anyone?


So tell me, if we’re expunging people now for posting links to porn sites, why has this thread, and this user, been allowed to continue? Is anybody moderating over in MPSIMS these days?

And what about Satan’s thread about what his girlfriend wants to do to him? And, in the not-porn but still-being-a-jerk category, of course, there’s Nickrz’ own post at http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/003035.html , which certainly slurs if not slanders Dr. Sue, and yet it’s allowed to stand without editing or apology.

I am on record as not being a big C#3 fan (I believe that “butch” is one of the kinder things he said to me when I was a moderator), but fair is fair. If there are going to be rules, they should be enforced across the board (as it were).

C#3 has presented some thoughtful and insightful posts on this board, most recently sharing the circumstances of his wife’s cancer surgery (and bringing an awareness to this board of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month), and also sharing about his experience as a manager (in kellibelli’s MPSIMS thread on Busted Posting at Work, or whatever it’s called). Check out that cancer thread; it’s a side of C#3 I’ll bet you never thought existed. Unless, of course, it’s been purged. Of course, C#3 has also like to challenge a lot of peoples’ existing ideas, and to present some odd ideas of his own, and he’s certainly been very much in-your-face, I’m not denying that, having been on the receiving end of it. On the other hand, he certainly has presented a good foil, hasn’t he? Given lots of fodder for debate, provided lots of entertainment value, allowed lots of others to sharpen their wit and debating skills in sparring with him.

Seems unusual, even for C#3, to be posting a porn link – he’s never struck me as that type. Don’t suppose it could have been an accident? I understand that if you type whitehouse.com instead of whitehouse.gov you get porn. That’s the problem with banning him, of course, that we’ll never get to hear his side of the story, only the “spin” that is put on it by those who need to justify their actions.

(If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I’m out of town Wednesday through Sunday. It doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you, or that I agree – or disagree – with anything written after this post or in response to it.)


Hear, hear. Good show, Melin.

C#3 has always been among my favorite posters, even on the rare occasion when he managed to tick me off. If I had the power to purge posters at will here, Connie would not be on my list of “jerks.”

C’mon out, Connie (or whomever you are now.) Don’t let “the man” get you down!

FTR: I think that M#7 is Connie’s new disguise, as well…

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Contestant 3 did not post porn spam.
Nickrz told him not to post spam and deleted his post.(not for good reason, Nick could have gone in and just edited out the offending link. My opinion of course)
I read the original post it was not spam, it answered the question, and linked to his site. He shouldnt have linked to his site. Oh well, mistakes are made.
He then reposted instead of the full linke he posted.
Again, he made a mistake, but it wasn’t a vicious attempt to post porn, or to spam porn. The xs were used as a method to block out whatever the other company was, not as a link to porn.
He was stupid. That, of course, is not the first time I have said that about Connie. (Had to get that dig in, I am in the pit after all.)
But, he simply made a mistake, I read the progression of mistakes, and complained about the unfairness of his treatment in About this Message board before it all went down.
So, he accidentaily posts porn and gets booted.
Oh well. This new fella Martyr something or other, he seems pleasant enough, lets all give him a chance.


Well, ok, I’ll give him a chance. But can I flirt with him ?

All jokes aside, I have never hidden the fact that C3 is not on my list of favorite posters, and I am sure I ddn’t make his either. But I hate to see anyone get the boot. At the same time maybe there could have been a better way to deal with the situation.

Of course I’m not a moderator here, and it’s way too easy to sit back and be an arm-chair quarter-back, or in this case arm chair moderator-back.

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You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.

Personally I think it’s good news; he should have been banned many months ago for Jew-baiting, among other things. He’s a scumbag.

The moderators on this board have continually showed themselves to be particularly spineless in standing up to him; perhaps porn spam is just an excuse to get rid of him, but any one is a good one.

“M7” should be banned too, and immediately, should identification be confirmed, which shouldn’t take but a day or 2.

you cant be stupid,
you cant say no!
you cant curse kubid,
or the boot will hit your toe!

(so much for the poet in me)

what a way to fight ignorance. lets just
kick him out of here to prove we are bigger
and stronger and he cant do nothing about it.
except of course enter under a different nick and start to earn his reputation all over again.
editing out the “illegal” stuff, and inserting <mod.> instead should have been just fine. sure c3 had already been annoying some people, but who doesnt. some even say i annoy them, but thats not really an issue here. the point is that the name c3 had a meaning on this messageboard and giving it the boot or whatever is perhaps a bit harsh.
i must admit i didnt read the post that took the final straw, but in the spirit of knowledge, he should be allowed to explain himself. under his real name(c3).

thank you for your time.


Could someone provide a link to the thread in question?

For the record, I used to be “Steviant”, but I moved 12 time zones, lost my previous email address, and re-registered under a more charming name. “Steviant” is retired. Any administrator of this board is welcome to delete “Steviant” from the membership role.

I, myself, will miss him. He was one of my favorite posters too. Yes he did cross the line a lot, and occasionally I wanted to smack him for being stupid, but I’ll miss him.

He contributed a lot and it won’t be the same whether he’s here as M#7 or not.


In the time-honored tradition around here, I believe the relevant postings have been pulled.


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You mean he’s not really dead?

There’s always another beer.


The above is a link to C#3’s explanation of how the porn link was accidentally posted.


“I’ll never argue with a lawyer again.” – The Devil Himself.

That’s his explanation, that the porn link was a mistake.

Put around 'tother way, of course, he had three times tried to post a link that Moderators said was inappropriate. When the porn link showed up, it was a reasonable interpretation that it had been done in a fit of pique, and that it was clearly over the line (however grey the line might be.)

Yes, we delete such posts. Leaving such a post around so people can see it and make up their own minds about whether it was really improper… well, that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? If you don’t trust the judgement of the Moderators, we suggest you go to an unmoderated site. There are plenty.

Normally, when we find infractions, we warn people (and we do try to be polite about it). When individuals put themselves in the situation of ignoring several warnings, they take the consequences upon themselves.

Free speech is not an unqualified right. There are appropriate forums and inappropriate forums for various kinds of speech. This is a site to which people are invited, and the basic criterion is not to be a jerk. In some forums (like the Pit, or MPSIMS), the definition of “jerkhood” is looser than in others. The criterion is not absolute, but relative; and benefit of the doubt only goes so far: after several warnings and repeated infractions, there ain’t much doubt.

On the other hand, as noted, there’s nothing to stop someone from getting a new email address and re-upping. Presumably that means they are prepared to comply with the behaviour standards, and we’re happy to have their contributions.

Sure, Dex. Then how come the “sex site for women” post is still standing? Or Satan’s thread about what his girlfriend wants to do to him? Or Nickrz’ slur on Dr. Sue (which, again, was not porn-related, just so the record is clear, but certainly was an unwarranted and inappropriate attack on the doctor’s medical ethics).

Credibility demands evenhandedness. Selective enforcement diminishes credibility. And what, after all, would TSD be without its credibility?


“the definition of “jerkhood” is looser than in others”

I believe the proper grammer is “more loose”

FTR, A link was posted once, modified and posted, and then the link was left within the same educational post with the company name x’ed out. And there was but a single warning, not several as the above administrator falsely states.

BTW, trusting the judgement of administrators is not requisite for using this board. I believe that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is teeming with morons, but I’ll still choose to drive thank you.