Contestant #3 - Love or Hate Him?

I seem to be the one of the few that doesn’t really dislike C#3?

He’s annoying at times, but then so are a lot of people. Even I (she says with a shocked look).

Do those who profess to hate him, really hate him or just have fun pretending?

Kisses to you C#3 - Look! I got you your own thread!


He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice - Albert Einstein

Thanks Jazzmine. I’d like to be one of the first ones to say that I like him. I agree that he can be annoying at times, but as you so astutely observe, so can many of the posting members of these boards.

The thing I like best about Contestant #3 (aside from his really creative handle) is that he starts interesting topics and sometimes weighs in with an interesting perspective. I also admire how he bravely fights back when ganged up upon.

Sometimes he’s funny too. (emphasis on sometimes)

If I ever start to believe that aliens in UFOs do actually visit the Earth, it will be in part because he constantly drills it into my subconcious.

Thanks for being you C#3!

Contestant #3

There is a type of person who will say the most obnoxious things in order to gain the attention he/she cannot obtain by his/her deeds. People who agree with this person are greeted as followers, people who object are told that they are too stupid to get the joke. This is how Rush Limbaugh became popular. Contestant #3 is just a juvenile pretender who thinks that any response to his postings shows his success.

why Slythe, dearest love…

You wouldn’t be implying that I am a follower of C#3, would you?

Do **I[/b} look like a groupie to you?


Slythe I know that you only comment because you care…how sweet.

Contestant #3

god damn fucking codes sigh

You do sigh rather well though.

I read every one of Contestant #3’s posts with the same fascination I watch when I see fishermen chum for sharks.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

So when you called him “My favorite chum…” you really meant…?

oh Slythe, I can do much more than sigh :wink:

Contestant #3 - Love or Hate Him?

Neither. I have no problems with him. We had that initial spat Oh So Long Ago, on a marijuana thread. Since then, he’s been polite to me. Occasionally, I join the chorus and chew him out about something, but even then, he has been courteous.

Yeah, C3’s always been civil and courteous to me. He would never try to spread ugly rumors about someone, try to start fights, or post messages about personal manners across the board. Always the gentleman, he is.

They call me MISTER Wizard! Hunter Thompson

C3’s an idiot. 'Nuff said.

I try hard not to hate anybody. Hate isn’t constructive, and only causes stress to the hater.

IMO, Contestant #3 is an inveterate troll; he has nothing useful or informative to say, and thinks it’s fun to try and get a rise out of other board members. I no longer respond to his posts, even the ones intended to denegrate my religion and personally insult me.

If C3 suddenly vanished, I would not go looking for him. If I came across his obituary notice, I would not mourn. If I had to deal with him in person on a regular basis, I would have a strong urge to break his nose, though I’d try hard to restrain that impulse.

My feeling toward him is less actual hate, and more like the contempt one may have for a disgusting, bloated little centipede. The creature is gross, and you don’t want it crawling on you or your stuff, but if you bother squishing it you’ll have a nasty mess to clean up.

Don’t love him, don’t hate him, don’t agree with him on most things. I have even semi-insulted him (and DavidB got me that time), but I rather have a cup of coffee with him than with some others.

I’m not on his side, actually I debate him a lot, but he hasn’t been really rude to me. And even if he was, so what? Words are just that, words.

He respects me. I respect him.

Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe absurdities.

I don’t think I love him or hate him.
Sometimes he posts an intelligent funny comment.
Sometimes he just mimics Art Bell.
All in all, I think he adds something to the board.
I do think he has improved his act somewhat, he doesn’t use foul language as much, and he doesn’t make quite as many personal attacks.
Hopefully that will remain true.


Oh wait.
He does bug me when he attacks people’s religions, with little basis.
The whole witch/cast some spells thing is getting old C3.


Geesh, 20 posts and so far nobody admits to hating me!

Hey Pat, in my distorted view of justice and fairness, being attacked multiple times by Auraseer concerning my belief in UFOs is license to call him out on his claim of being a witch that practices magick.

I’ve seen a UFO (as have hundreds of thousands of others), but I’m still waiting to see a magick spell from a witch…aren’t you at least a little bit curious to see some real “magick”?..from a “real witch”?

Contestant #3

Good Morning!

I love C#3, he is one of my favorite posters,and while I dont always agree with him,I deeply admire his convictions.

If he was to disappear, I would look for him, and I know who I would look for if he turned up dead…(DAVID B) :slight_smile:

Honestly, I enjoy his periodic troublemaking this would be a far more dull place without it. And as for defending himself…if he didnt, I wouldnt respect him.

I find him an intelligent and caring individual with a dry wit and a heart of gold. I consider him a friend.

If Kells can find it in her heart…