Contestant # 3, is he god, or the owner of SDMB ?

OK, I am pissed now, when I first posted here it was to just have a little fun, and jack with C. # 3.

OK, I admit, maybe I did get carried away and take over his dating service thread.

But instead of the little worm saying something to me there, he has to track me down onMPSIMS board, to the "Are all women bi-sexual ? " thread, and get in my face.

You know C.#3, I was just yanking your chain before, but now you have gone too damn far.

You festering pimple on the ass of the world, you don’t tell me what to do, not now not ever, got it ? You are not god, or my father or the owner of these boards, and you are damn sure not my husband. Who are you to chide me like that ? If the way I answered people’s posts offends you, then fine, be offended, but don’t even think you can say things to me like you did and not have me get right back in your face.
You are swine C3 , no I will not insult swine in that manner. You are a jealous, trolling little gnome, your ignominious, ill- bred, infantile post speaks volumes about your insecurity, and your attitude just plain sucks. Your sense of humor is nonexistant, get over yourself for a minute or two.


I rule the King of the jungle

Connie should post his rules for this board.
This could be the funniest thing he’s posted for weeks, outside of his U.F.O. postings!

Dammit, now I have to go back to MPSIMS…

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

That was rather uncalled for, C#3…

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Now, now, people, cut the man some slack! C#3 has a hard time (no pun intended) with all things of a sexual bent. Now, why he went into that thread is unknown but he has the right to his opinion, no matter how lame it is.

Actually, I like to fight with him. He’s good at it. Unlike some other dorks out here he can actually fight back with attitude, grace and correct spelling.

But I love ya, Lioness. Even if you and what’s his face got a bit out of control on that thread. It’s the nature of the jungle out here. Sometimes two posters go at it in a thread. So? I just read it, maybe laugh, maybe get annoyed but by and large I just move on to the next post. Perhaps C#3 should too.

Slythe– yes, that would be fun. C#3 will you? Think of all the fun we could have!

Here’s what happen folks…

…Lioness and Wally get carried away with the same type of back and forth cutesy exchange as one can find in the “SDMB as a dating service” thread here in the Pit, except this time it’s in the middle of a rational discussion in MPSIMS concerning female bisexuality. They start posting about her cum-stained thong, etc. That’s when I posted this:

"Hey…Wally, Lioness, …we are trying to have a discussion here…do you mind?
I seriously doubt anyone is amused with your childishness. You’ve already got a thread with this crap going over in the Pit…please take it there or to email…

Nobody is impressed with the visual of your nasty crotch.

You’ve got an opinion on bisexuality?..OK…share it…otherwise grow up."
There you have it. I still feel the same way, and no, I’m not the least bit impressed with the new “addition” Lioness…the stupid bitch thinks she can take me on then she’s got another thing coming…

Contestant #3

BTW, I don’t mind sex discussions at all. It’s just when it breaks down into a teenage-like exchange that my tolerence is met. I’ll complain as much as I like…

I’ll check around later today and find an appropriate chat room for you guys to talk dirty and jack off in…

Contestant #3

C. # 3,
First, you slimy , slack jawed, knock kneed
worthless excuse for a human being, don’t call me bitch, you bitch.

Second, grow a freaking brain would you, or at least a brain stem. Shit fire and save matches man, take your blind, worthless, purulent penised ass back to MPSIMS and you will see that I responded to the op, then Byz. quoted someting I said , so I answered her.

Then Wally asked if I wanted to sell my mirror. I replied to him that I would consider offering my thong up for auction. To which Arael asked if my thong cums with me in it. Since I, unlike you, do not speak with my under garments, I told him I had never asked it if it came with me in it.

I never said my thong had cum stains on it. I do wash after sex, which is something I doubt you do. If you had read a little closer you would have known that

You pusillanimous brained little weasel, you couldn’t hope to take me on, not even on your best day. and I don’t give a damn if you like me or not. I like me, who the hell are YOU anyway ?

Now begone, before I really get pissed and crush your little ego even further. Piss ant .


I rule the King of the jungle


Please keep the details of your yeast infection to yourself…it makes us sick…

Contestant #3

How very juvenile of you, C3.

In keeping with the tone of your you post, I at this time must say, I have been married longer than you, nahnah, booo boo.

Is that a royal “we”, C3?
After you’re done posting the rules we should obey here on the SDB, please tell us where we should be posting our conversations on various topics. Obviously, we are all doing this wrong, and would greatly appreciate your help on this matter.
Of course, we would understand if this takes time-you still have alien artifacts to present to us. :).

They call me MISTER Wizard!

Slythe, Lioness,

As requested, I have found a place for Slythe to offer tongue jobs to guys and Lioness to post repeatedly about her nasty crotch.

They have x-rated chat rooms that you can use free of charge. Have at it.

Contestant #3

So , like , you want me to meet you in a chat room ? I think not , you pencil schlonged, tiny testicled, inbred troll.

And honey, if you ever got near my crotch, you would throw rocks at your inflateable love doll.

Consume excramate and expire.

Now bugger off.


I rule the King of the jungle

C##, Thank you so much for policing this board.

Without your diligent presence, this board would quickly degenerate into I don’t know what. Words fail me.

You are apparently too dim to see that that it’s your moronic posts that get these things going. We are yanking your chain, but your brain cell is too dormant to see it.

I have shown great restraint with you. I have even defended you in another thread.

But this is too much.

Your arrogant, pompous, holier-than-thou posturing has finally overwhelmed me.

Ignorance is one thing, blatant stupidity is another.

Byz and the Lioness kick your sorry ass every time, and you keep coming back for more.

What’s the matter with you, anyway?

If you’re an optimist, you haven’t been paying attention.


I never asked for your support…don’t need it.

I find little redeeming quality in anything that you Lioness, or Byantine post anyway. You guys are 3 newbies that post mostly sophmoric love letters to each other or unintelligible rants. I’ve yet to see any of you post a good answer, a thought-provoking opinion, or anything truly funny.

I’ve been out here for quite a while and I’ve had more posts deleted than all your desperate, boorish posts combined.

You three are true SDMB rookies with a long way to go to gain any respect. Yes, you may consider me a GOD and bow in my presence…I am Contestant #3!

P.S. I’m not the only one that tires of your thread-diverting childishness. If you read closely you’ll see three other comments, albeit mild, that show the irritation your teenage banter has evoked.

Contestant #3

WallyM7– you and Lioness are just gonna hate this but I’m starting to agree with C#3. Well, just shoot me now, but I’m entitled to change my mind.

If your flirt or sexual banter fits into the topic I can understand it but I’m starting to notice that you are following her (Lioness) around the board and posting come ons to her (and others) without regard to the topic.

Perhaps it’s just me noticing this, I could be wrong, but I think you are going a bit over board in your willingness to flirt with every woman out here. Yeah, it was a joke at one point but I’m getting really mad about waiting for a topic to load only to find your horney come on out there when it doesn’t even respond to the thread in question.

Okay, call me a jealous bitch if you want to but as far as I’m concerned, I’d take C#3 over you any day. No, he’s not coming on to me all the time (or ever) but at least he posts to my topic. Or other people’s topics. You do too but you seem to just be getting into sexual banter without a consideration for the OP. Shit, there is a fine line between posting a fun flirt and just stalking someone all over the board. Lioness is a fun flirt, you are a stalker. There is a difference.

And hell, I’m no hypocrite. If I’ve ever done this to someone else, posted a totally random, sexual come on without posting to the original topic than please, give an example here. I don’t think I have. I’m a flirt and all but I do my best to stick with the OP. If I’m wrong, show me and I will immediately post an “I’m sorry” and refrain in the future.

I’m not slamming you hard, just asking you to really take a look at some of your posts. K?

Byz, I have re-read my posts and you are right. I got carried away.

My sincere apologies. I really mean that.

C#3, I don’t give a shit about your seniority on this board, but from now on, I will try to stick to the topic at hand.

If you’re an optimist, you haven’t been paying attention.

OK, this is nice & all that, but C#3, and Lioness, BOTH of you, can you please refrain from those disgusting graphic rotten crotch diatribes?

I just had breakfast, and to be honest, that was just GROSS!

Flirt, dont flirt, but please people, lets not get so disgusting that we get shut down.

Thank you.

The above was not a flame, merely a civilized request from a friend.

Ok, I went back and re-read the board.
Maybe I also am guilty of posting off-topic.

However let’s not get hypocritical here…I don’t think anyone that posts regularly can say that they’ve never posted a response that might have been off on a tangent.

And sexual banter between two people is normal…anywhere…or if you like I’ll call it flirting…same thing.

Does it occasionally get out of hand…sure.
Enough for you to have posted that totally repugnant response?..Nope. Especially not on that particular topic…Which was borderline anyhow.
Tell you what, you don’t go overboard when asking us to stop the flirting (don’t be nasty about it) and I’ll honor your request.

But keep up with the flaming responses, and I’ll have to cut you down…I’m not terribly impressed by you anyhow.

WallyM7 said:
We are yanking your chain, but your brain cell is too dormant to see it.

If you can’t see that Contestant #3 is all about yanking chains then I’d get your brain cells some Mountain Dew and a latte ASAP. Read a C3 post and the next post will typically start with “listen you schmuck” or something similar in an attempt to piss him off as much as he just pissed them off.

I savor the irony whenever he posts one of the “please take this filth elsewhere- its offending my pallate” messages. He is the epitome of the BBQ Pit.