Another kellibelli thread deleted?

Is it just me or wasn’t there a thread out here in the Pit that was started by kellibelli that existed just a couple of hours ago?

I’m pretty sure that I posted to it!

Damm! Did she get censored AGAIN???

Up to and including the point at which I posted to that thread I certainly saw NO REASON to pull it.

I hope it wasn’t the dreaded “stiring things up” excuse again!

Contestant #3

Kellibelli’s thread has moved here…

Yes, there was another Kellibelli thread.

Yes, it has apparently been deleted.

Yes, it was probably due to the “stirring things up” rule; she was randomly whining about how another poster is always picking on her.

Yes, we should expect to see this thread vanish fairly quickly, as well.

Yes, Contestant #3 will see this as further proof that all the board admins hate him, and will continue to bitch and moan about how all the moderators are unethical bastards.

Such is life.

I’m not a warlock. I’m a witch with a Y chromosome.

I don’t know why you just don’t put a spell on people like kelli and I that would magically stop us from complaining?

Could it be because your “magic” is a fantasy? Yep, I think so…

Contestant #3

Are you saying that only supernatural forces could make you stop complaining?

Oh Great Cthulu, hear our plea… :).

Now, now Connie… there’s no need to go attacking Auraseer’s religion. You gotta know I luv ya, but please, (for me :)) please don’t get ruffled everytime someone takes a breath.


I’m sorry Chris, but I think that kellibelli is getting a raw deal. Auraseer is just as big a jerk as anyone else out here but he currently is getting away with his jerkiness without censorship and is gloating about kelli…

She stood up for me and by gosh, I’ll stand up for her. I’d do the same for you.

You gotta admit that sigline of Auraseers begs for ridicule. Come on! This is the SDMB, do we REALLY beleive in magic and witches?

Contestant #3

You gotta love the irony.

Hi all

I emailed Lynn to find out why the thread had been deleted. I can assure you, the reason I got for its deletion is alot more benign than you think. I’ll let Kelli or Lynn elaborate if they want to.

My guess: Kelli requested it, having rethought the matter.


Oh no, an ignorant buffoon is disparaging my religion again. This is getting to be a habit with you, C#3; isn’t there anything else about me you can make fun of? If you try hard, maybe you’d be able to respond to one of my posts like a rational human being. (On second thought, no, probably not.)

My sigline is a factual statement; the word “witch” is used analogously to the term “Christian”, referring to the practitioner of a certain religion. Saying you don’t believe in witches is as ridiculous as saying you don’t believe in Presbyterians.

Magic(k) is another subject entirely. I believe that it exists, in the same way that a Christian believes that miracles exist. If you want to present logical arguments about that, come join one of the religion threads in GD. If all you want to do is try to insult me, then by all means you should continue to sit here and sputter.

I’m not a warlock. I’m a witch with a Y chromosome.

Logical arguments for magic?

Nah. It’s all fantasy and make believe. Don’t you know that deep inside? If I’m wrong, then perform some right here, right now, or shut up.

I guess that I could decide to start worshiping a muffin and call it a religion…bless the eternal poppyseed and all that…makes about as much sense doesn’t it?

Cracks me up how you guys (you and your witch buddies) have REdefined the word to try to fit your desired image…

Reminds me of someone that didn’t realize D&D was just a game…

In a word…PATHETIC

Contestant #3

“Right here” means what exactly? In my living room? For all you know, I could be levitating in front of my keyboard right now, turning water into wine and loaves into fishes. We’re on a bulletin board, for crying out loud; it’s not as if you can actually see what I’m doing.

In any case, if a Catholic professed a belief in miracles, would you ridicule him and demand immediate proof? No, you wouldn’t. (Well, actually you probably would, C3. But no ordinary, rational human being would react that way.) I see no reason I should perform a religious ritual at the behest of a grumpy little snot-faced troll.

One more thing. Are you capable of using adjectives other than “pathetic”? Through all the posts in which you’ve tried to insult me, that seems to be the one word you use most. I’m impressed that you know how to spell it correctly (most of the time), but let’s try and be a little more inventive, shall we?

I’m not a warlock. I’m a witch with a Y chromosome.
(Hey, audience! Twenty bucks says I can keep C#3 arguing for at least ten posts. Anyone care to take me up on it?)


Use your magic to make me write a complimentary post toward you. That should be an easily verifiable demonstration for a message board.

You have noticed that I’ve reserved the use of the word “pathetic” in reference to you. Good observation. There’s a reason for that. Look into your crystal ball and try to figure it out.

Gotta go now, I need to conduct a religious ceremony. I’m praying to the god of the muffin (bless the eternal poppyseed). You see, all of us followers of the newly created religion of the muffin (bless the eternal poppyseed) have decided to refer to ourselves as: Lou Gehrigs. We plan on going through life pretending to hit homeruns and lots of RBIs.

If we encounter scorn or disbeleif, we will simply hide behind inuendo of religious persecution. We will act offended and compare ourselves to Catholics. We’ve got it all figured out. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we will call our religious sect the Wipeanns.

Contestant #3

C#3…you made me cry! thanks man…but please ! I ASKED lynn to delete it…and she was kind enough to oblige me…I dont want to fight anymore…you cant win with someone like her, she will never quit, so I give up.

I cant believe that you backed me up like this…thanks man, if you ever need me, I am here.

According to my dictionary, pathetic means “moving one to compassionate pity”. If that’s really how you feel about me, why aren’t you acting compassionate?

I’m not a warlock. I’m a witch with a Y chromosome.

i like that…
although i use the word “dog”, i think gosh is just as good :slight_smile:

You don’t believe in magic?

Hey, I was out for a ride last night with a woman I’d met at a bar, and when she whispered in my ear, I turned into a motel.

C#3! You heretic!!

All true believers know that the poppyseed muffin is an affectation of religeous idolators. The BLUEBERRY muffin is the one true GOD.


“If you stick your finger in a pie, whatever is in the pie will be on your finger, and whatever is on your finger will be in the pie…unless you wear a rubber glove”----some demented old lady