My Apologies and My Closed Thread


I have apologized for my unprofessional behavior and would greatly appreciate it if my “Transtopia” thread can be re-opened. I am very much into that philosophy and would like to carry on a debate. I will not create any new threads though and will stick to the 4 I started.

Thank you,

Science Girl

Yeah, you bully mods! Take your membership crap and shove it up your pale geeky asses! :cool:

Thought I might as well make it the pit thread it’s supposed to be!

Why is this a pit thread?

This is why.

My feeling is that Science Girl would have a pit thread opened on her behalf sometime this evening anyway.

I would urge the OP to add “Pseudo” to her user name because so far she has shown herself to be an unskeptical swallower of nonsense.

You know what I do when I go to a new message board? I read the FAQ and then read a little of the board to get a sense of the culture. What I don’t do is crap all over the place and behave like an ass on my first day.


Just in case anyone was looking for linkage.

Jeebus Crackers on a pogo stick!

That’s a record, isn’t it?

I can’t believe I actually read the whole thing…

I need to rest with a cool cloth over my eyes for a few minutes.

And that’s just the last one.

Aww now, look what you’ve gone and done. You’ve sent Alice on a posting sabbatical.

What is a posting sabbatical?

This is by far the most attention I’ve ever got in my 3 years here.

I was a little annoyed. I took a break. I’m back. Lynn has been too busy with other board stuff to list me as a charter member.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled thread. :smiley:

Not hardly. Speaking purely in terms of first day’s posts, Arden Ranger got over a hundred IIRC. I believe I’ve cleared 100 in a day before, though certainly not my first day (I think I had one that day).

Dammit, iampunha!

How am I ever supposed to live that down if you keep bringing it up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Hitler on a sidecar. I can’t believe any human believes in Eugenics anymore.

Heh the weirdest thing is how she thinks she’s winning these discussions by merely posting links to crank websites like they are peer reviewed science journals.

I’m not convinced the poster is a female.