My Apologies and My Closed Thread

I merely report the facts, ma’am. I assign no import to them:D

Frankly neither am I but what the heck it doesn’t change my opinions on what they said anyway so let him/her/it be female.

(Snort!) I don’t really think I have a say! But since “she” relies on the musings of Richard Lynn in another thread, I will really have to take whatever “she” says with a grain of salt. Lynn says that women aren’t as intelligent as men because their brains are smaller.

So how much faith can we put in a “Science Girl” who claims to be “colored” and ethnically “brown” and sits around reading/pasting/copying from unscientific sources that tells her how stupid “she” is because of “her” race and gender? :smack:

After reading through of some of this stuff don’t they remind you of a long ago poster…one obsessed with Jews. One that pretended not to be racist but cited racist sites over and over. One that was obsessive about replying to people in long rambling posts. One that honestly believed they were winning every arguement. One that spamed the hell out of the boards…

In case that wasn’t clear enough let me say one more thing. Tug-Ahoy.

I’d say JDT’s main sticking point was his whole … y’know … circumcision thang. He was a nut, but he was an original nut. His biases were just part and parcel of his overriding sense that all the word’s ills were due to MGM, and not the studio. He was an annoying, stupid rat, but he was original.

But think he’s had a long while to stew and branch out since then. No matter how fixated a schizophrenic is they expand sooner or later.

Oh this is my first Paid for Post. I hope ya’ll are honored. :wink:

Whoops! Sorry, I forgot to set your member status back to “non-custom”. Let’s see what it looks like now.

Why not?

Still, I know where you’re coming from. I’m not convinced the poster is human.

Gender Genie agrees.

Gender Genie is a moron! I just input about three or four sentences about what I did yesterday and the stupid thing thinks I’m male because I used “the” more than “females” do.


Well, now I look like a “guest” and have to see that annoying “your guest membership is set to expire on April 21” screen, which is a bit of a pisser, seeing as how I ended my posting break specificially to sign up and send in the $4.95. Which I’ve done. I have the credit card records to prove it.

<grumble, grumble - you would think a request for special attention on a board with 20,000 members would be given higher priority…:D:D>


If there was a way to put this in blinking lights and nominate it for president, I’d do it.

  1. what are the STATISTICS she’s speaking of?
  2. what IS ‘success’?
  3. what the fuck?

Sigh This always happens when somebody has too much time on their hands. Or their brain and hands are not functioning together.

Gender Genie states that it works best if you give it 500+ words or more. But it still said I was male, and when I told it I was female it said I was very butch.

I think one of the last words one would use to describe me would be butch, so that’s just sad.

If you want a debate, then start a freakin’ debate. Don’t just post garbage from some web site and say “what do you guys think?”

Don’t listen to Dogzilla. This thing is a genius.

In the text box I typed:

I have a penis.

I am a man.

I have an XY chromosome.

And it knew I was a man!!! Amazing!!!

Hamlet: Well, you can have an X chromosome, a Y chromosome, or an XY chromosome pair, but unless you’re some strange gender hybrid, you can’t have “an XY chromosome”. :slight_smile:

and for the record, I have a penis too. I just let my husband wear it around

Does he give it to you when you need it?