The obvious bias here is sickening

Issued a warning and locked out of a thread for using terms that a mod didn’t like.

Meanwhile I was berated and sworn at and the culprits received no warning.

I know you folks are liberal but the bubble you are making for yourself is insane. You can continue to pat yourselves on the back for always being right because you ban any dissenting opinion.

What a shithole this board has become.

Yeah, yeah, I know - I’m banned - go fuck yourself.

The ultimate community of folks that will die from patting themselves on the back too hard.

Which posts directed towards you do you feel should have been moderated?

I know! I looked for them in a thread I otherwise wouldn’t be interested in and found nothing but people disagreeing with him with cites.

Who are you?

Here is the (excerpted) post where he was sworn at:

Which leads us to believe that the use of strong language is interpreted as a personal attack. I can kind of see that, but not really.

also, it would help tremendously if you (OP) would link to the actual page that the posts were on, or link directly to the posts, because I ended up way past even the moderation

link to warning

There were precisely three responses to this posters post in that thread, and this is the only instance of anything like swearing in any of those responses.

I’ll leave it to the readers to decide if this constitutes swearing at the poster. As for “berating me” I presume that means the same to this poster as “disagreeing with me.”

That’s more attention than this issue or this poster deserves.

So then what was I moderated for?

Being jerkish. Rule #1.

I’m guessing the use of the word “legitimate” and the reference to transgenderism as being a mental illness. IMHO, the first is definitely falls under the “being a jerk” umbrella, the latter is IMO more questionable but still pretty poor form.

Right - it’s a dissenting opinion from the general consensus of the board. I don’t see people that attempt to change their gender as legitimately the gender they profess to be. That is a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of science. It’s determined by chromosomes. The same people who complain that science is ignored want to ignore that. It’s taught in basic biology.

Following that notion if they believe they are something they are not they have a mental illness. Their body is what it is - their brain doesn’t match. If I imagine I’m a giraffe no sane person would suggest getting surgery to become a giraffe.

Some in society would like to push for enabling others’ mental illness. No thanks.

And might even be considered hate speech.

Perfect - let’s call it hate speech so you can censure alternate view points.

Being fragile and incapable of discussion. That’s what this board will dwindle to nothing for. You all have systematically pushed out all conservative thought here and pat yourself on the back like you’ve finally defeated evil. The circle jerk here is outstanding. I wonder if this board will exist in 10 years

We’re trying to push out hateful thought. You’re the one identifying hate with conservativism, not us.

However did it exist before you got here, because we are DOOMED if you leave!

But how is that hateful? It’s the framing of it. By establishing anyone who claims to be that something by default it shifts the conversation to a default. I only see men born as men as men. I only see women born as women as women. That doesn’t make me hateful.

And as for mental illness - is there a more PC word we are using now? Would psychological disorder work better? My stance is that instead of advocating for a change of body we should advocate for mental health so that the person’s mind matches their body.

I view the physical word as unmovable in that regard. In my opinion the person’s perception is skewed.

You might find that perspective to be problematic. If the world moves around you and you suddenly find yourself no longer in the place that you were, how do you hope to deal with that? By trying to find that place again? What if it is no longer there?

Reality is that which, when we stop believing in it, fails to go away.

A better stance would be to mind your own business in matters that don’t affect anything except your sense of righteousness.

Nobody cares.

Ah like inconvenient things…such as chromosomes? I know, I know - fuck this place, just waiting for the ban hammer at this point