Oleo Leg - Aircraft question

Just wondering if anyone knows the designer’s name of the Oleo Leg and also the first time it was used on an aircraft.

I have Googled it but cannot find the information.

Couldn’t tell you the designer, but I was reading a piece on Wikipedia last night on the development of the F4U Corsair and the part about the oleo problems and redesign were quite interesting, if like me you are into reading about that kind of thing.

“The answer was the oleopneumatic or “air-oil” shock strut, originally introduced in the late 1920s by the Cleveland Pneumatic Company. Cleveland’s “Aerol” strut quickly gained acceptance in the 1930s, and was the landing gear technology of choice by the time aviation exploded in the 1940s, transforming Cleveland Pneumatic Aerol into one of the nation’s largest wartime industrial companies.”

The whole article gives a good history of airplane landing gear systems.

The specific inventor’s name was Louis William Greve. This cite gives even more info on it’s invention and early uses.