Oliver Sacks has died

82 so he didn’t do too badly. I went to a lecture he gave in London about 20 years ago and he totally blew me away. One of the good guys. Awakenings will be a hard movie to watch now knowing that the actor and the person he plays are both gone.

I saw it, too. Goodbye, Oliver.

The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat was required reading in the first biological psychology class I took, which spawed both a major (neuroscience) and a minor (psychology) for me. I still have fond memories of a couple rainy Saturday mornings spent in the cozy psychology library, reading Sacks’ master’s thesis, which was on migraine headaches. A friendly voice is gone from the world.

I had to read that for freshman comp in college. It was refreshing to read a well-written non-fiction book that focused on the humanity of people suffering from inconceivable diseases, not the science. I’ve also enjoyed hearing him on Radiolab. He will be missed.

I just saw this on the AP. Total bummer. :frowning:

I too used to hear him on RadioLab on NPR. He seemed to me to be, not just brilliant, but also an extraordinarily human and humane man. And proof that not everyone who does nutso and irresponsible stuff in their youth comes to a bad end.

I am glad for his many books and interviews, which mean that he isn’t lost to me entirely. Still, I am sorry to see him go.

Wonderful man and amazing writer. He will be much missed.

A real loss, if not an unexpected one. RIP.

A brilliant and great man.

I have his autobiography on reserve at the library. I liked “Uncle Tungsten”, which was also autobiographical, and look forward to reading this one too.

Awakenings was my favorite movie for ten years. Great movie about a great man, he’ll be missed.