OLN, you are SUCKING the life out of the NHL Playoffs

OK, you’re new at this, so I can excuse the horrific camera work, the awful play-by-play, the rough-around-the-edges studio analysis (Mike Knuble??), the bizarre way you cut off the action for commercials. When you televise the CBC broadcast instead, it’s like night and day. (At least you have the good sense to go with the CBC feed when you can, although it makes for some akward transitions after the period ends).

What I can’t fucking tolerate is why you decided to flood every break with the SAME FUCKING COMMERCIAL.

How many times do I have to watch the stupid fucking fairy fly around shooting stupid fucking fairy dust at the Dodge Caliber? Five times per period? Fifty times per broadcast? “Stupid little fairy…Awww!!!” Not funny the first time, agonizing the five hundredth.

And they know they’ve got me - I’m not going to change channels in the middle of a period of playoff hockey - especially not with the very likely possibility that OLN will cut back into the game .03 seconds before somebody scores.

I know Dodge sponsors the games. But how about some variety? At this point I’d squeal with glee just to let my eyes slake over those two douchebags that like the Hemi.
Oh, and I rented a Caliber recently. It was atrocious.

Sorry for the hijack, because I know you’re not pitting the Caliber directly, but god damn that is one ugly car. It makes me think of a mini-Aztek.

Yeah, but the fairy is real cute. And the commercial isn’t limited to hockey; it’s been shown at least twice on the Rockies game tonight.

Re the OP: any hockey on TV is better than no hockey on TV.

I concur with all rants above. OLN’s coverage has been horrendous all season. Bring back hockey on ESPN!

FWIW, I lurve me some NBC hockey. They get it done a lot better IMO.

The fact that the fairy is utterly gorgeous is OLN’s only saving grace. But why do they think we’ll be more likely to buy the Caliber if we see the commercial over and over and over again?

Absolutely they do. NBC has a lot of experience at covering sports. They know how to do it.

But how many games do they show? I think they only picked up coverage when there was about a month left in the season. I get to watch the Av’s on Altitude all season long, but if I was outside a hockey market, if not for OLN, I wouldn’t get to watch hockey at all except for the playoffs on weekend afternoons. (And now that the Av’s are out, ditto.) I appreciate OLN, and they’ll get better with practice.

“Buffalo in the white sweaters on the road…”

Thanks for that. I had forgotten who was who since the break before OT started.

I had alot more to post, but Pominville just handed the entire Ottawa team their jocks shorthanded, series over. Where was the poke check? Ouch. What a softie.

No, I’m sorry but NBC sucks at hockey play-by-play as much as any other US network. OLN, ABC, ESPN (though, from what I’ve personally heard, they’re probably the best in the US) all suck balls. Seriously, I can watch OHL games with better play-by-play than NBC can provide. My main objection with US announcers is they don’t know the game or the players. I dread everytime I have to endure a US broadcast game (I’ve watched them in mute before, just so I don’t yell at them).

CBC does it right. Honestly, I can understand why the NHL finds it difficult to expand hockey’s fanbase in the US - nobody would ever choose to watch that.