Olympia Dukakis has died

RIP. If you’ve never seen Moonstuck, you definitely should. Olympia Dukakis OWNS that film, an Oscar well earned.

She was also the much needed vinegar in Steel Magnolias.

Oh my goodness --no. I adored her in Moonstruck. Those scenes she had in the restaurant with John Mahoney (who played Frasier’s dad). Damn.

Μπορεί αυτή να αναπαυθεί εν ειρήνη.

That’s Louis Zorich who played the delightful grandfather on one of my all time favorite (now gone) shows, Brooklyn Bridge. He died in 2018 at age 93.

“If you give any more of my food to that dog, old man, I’ll kick you 'til you’re dead!”

I loved her in “Too Many Grandmas”

Yes autocorrect strikes again

That was great! :joy: She was so fabulous in that movie. A well-deserved Oscar.

You were the only one who did. The theaters were emptier than a Scottish pay toilet!

I’ve seen her on stage and screen, and she was always wonderful. RIP.

Translation, please.

May she rest in peace (translation for above).

RIP, Anna Madrigal…