Olympic Nat'l Park, Hood Canal Area Trail Ideas

It looks like my wife and I are going to have an opportunity to go west and spend about a week in the Seattle area. We have a plan for some time in Cascades and Mt Rainier parks, but nothing concrete for Olympic.

I’m thinking we should keep things in the Hood Canal area for driving time reasons. The place is so big that going much further would take up about half the day just driving.

So, we would appreciate trail recommendations anyone has to offer. Bear in mind the following:

  1. Day hikes only, we haven’t the gear or experience for camping.
  2. The wife likes waterfalls, so if there’s an impressive waterfall she will be all in.
  3. We are both thirty years old and healthy, so trails of moderate difficulty are fine. We have plenty of experience day hiking in the Smoky Mts Park. We can do strenuous if the payoff at the end is worth it.
  4. Less than 10 miles round trip is preferable. We have a tendency to stop and looky-loo, so a shorter hike will allow us to finish in a reasonable time (i.e. before dark).
  5. We’re looking at the second week of October, if that makes a difference for trail openings and closures.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

My favorite trail in the area is the Ozette Loop.

eta: this probably is out of your driving range, sorry

I’ll take everything under consideration. It’s a vacation for pete’s sake, so technically I’ve got all day. Thanks.

The Mrs. and I loved Lena Lake (the lower one.) http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/lena-lake

We regret not doing Mt. Ellinor.

Big Creek upper loop was nice, too. http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/olympic/recreation/hiking/recarea/?recid=47791&actid=50

I should add that there’s a National Park/Forest Service office right in Hoodsport where you can get great info on the various hikes, along with maps, permits, etc. A quick stop there helped us plan the various things we wanted to see/do.

And this Hoodsport website has a section on local waterfalls: http://hoodsportwa.com/recreation/hike-explore-outside

That is awesome. Thanks.