Olympic snowboarders' outfits

Speaking from experience as someone who own and wears snowboarding pants, they are dayam comfortable and warm! I can’t speak for all snowboarding pants, but one feature of mine is that there is and inner and outer layer at the cuff so you layer tights down, socks up, inner cuff down, boot up, outer cuff down for a nearly impervious to snow and cold seam. Mine are reinforced at the knees and ass with a more rugged nylon for tumbles on snow and ice. I have never in my life snowboarded…but if there were olympic x-treme downhill sledding, my childhood friends and I would have been medalists. The extra padding is really, really nice when you hit things or people fast.

I don’t get the pinstripes and retro logo…but I don’t get the kids these days.

Yeah, but snowboarders fall down much more frequently, because they’re, like, wasted.

You’d be right, and they don’t now either. There’s something wrong, but it’s not your recollection.

Hello, they do, in casual use. Try visiting a ski resort. Of course in the Olympics where speed is an issue, they compromise. If snowboarding were a event aided by aerodynamics they’d wear lycra too…but, it’s not.

Freestyle Skiiers certainly wouldn’t be caught dead in anything baggy. :wally