Olympic snowboarders' outfits

I realise that it is ‘cool’ amongst certain groups of people, but upon giving the Olympics a cursory glance (because it had replaced the morning news) I watched snowboarders in very silly outfits. Most of them looked like they were wearing boiler suits, baggy arses and the low slung crutch - it seemed like the only reason we couldn’t see their underpants was because it was too cold to let that hang out.
Not only that, but I even witnessed the obligatory crotch grab before taking to the slopes. I don’t see any other sports wearing overly baggy gear and going for the street look - why the snowboarders?

Well, I for one, would love to see the figure skaters dressed like punk ass kids on the street. I’d definitely watch that.

Because it’s part of the culture of the sport, and no competitive advantage is lost by doing so.

You can’t wear such things in the luge or cross-country skiing or ski jumping (wind resistance) or any team sport (uniform/gear restrictions) or figure skating (you might get caught on something).

Who really cares what they wear? If they’re comfortable and it doesn’t hurt the way they compete, let it go.

Do you realize how old you sound?

It’s exactly the same as what most other recreational snowboarders wear, even “uncool” ones. And pretty similar to what recreational skiers wear.

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Daggummit, it’s the Olympics. There’s tradition involved here.

Olympic snowboarders should hit the hills in a gaudy form-fitting lycra unitard.

Or naked, except for a glistening application of olive oil.

I mean, really. Look at this, or this… Those uniforms are totally…


…practical? Yet distinctive, in a specifically nationalist way?

Seriously, style has played a huge role in the Olympics for a long time. You want something that combines the fashions associated with the sport in general with an expression of national identity.

Look at Olympic ski uniforms from the '20s, and you’ll see reflections of ski fashions from the ‘20s. Why would you expect snowboarders’ uniforms to depart completely from contemporary snowboarding fashion? That’s just silly.

Wow, those US uniforms look like a Yankees pinstripe rip-off. At least in person they look better since they have a number bib on that covers most of the top.

Somehow sloppy attire just shows how lame the olympics become when they add more and more events.
When we have competative simultaneous knitting, then all the grannies will be in grannie dresses and polyester liesure suits they dug out of the attic.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I question how well organized a sport can be when the gold medal winner in women’s moguls wore baggy khakis. In that sport, speed and wind resistance DO matter; it can shave a few hundredths of a second off your time, easily.

So? These aren’t recreational skiiers.

Yes, but my understanding is that a significant portion of the score is based on keeping your knees tight as you go over the moguls. Wearing baggy pants would allow you to have slight imperfections in this that would be quite obvious in tight pants.

I’m pointing out that the OP would have the same issue with most snowboarders and is thus a “old fuddy-duddy”.

Can we get some links to some pics?

I don’t think I’m terribly fuddy-duddy - but the Olympics is usually about skin tight speed inducing lycra. And I happen to find the trousers round your ankles and underwear showing a stupid fashion trend - boys are always hauling up their pants, then pulling them down again, or holding on to them because they are too loose. Now why would a sports person emulate that when they need to be concentrating on what they are doing.

Are you kidding me? The figure skaters look exceedingly stupid as well in their totally impractical wardrobe. This point you’re arguing makes you seem either prejudiced or plain silly.

On the other hand, this competition has given us a phrase that will be puzzling those learning English for many years to come:

"Flying Tomato wins Gold in half-pipe."

I was thinking about starting this same thread!

I’d like to be able to see the form when they do their moves. The muscle movement and such is hidden by those baggy clothes, allowing mistakes to go unseen. When they’re being judged by their form, we should be able to see it.

I’m betting the first person who changes the uniform to some sort of unitard will get better marks, making others follow suit.

And for the record, there ain’t nothing fuddy about my duddy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Figure skaters have to be beautiful, artistic and athletic, as they are ‘dancing’ - this is a little different from the other sports. They have quite practical wardrobes if you ask me, their legs are free for easy movement. I AM prejudice against people who wear their trousers around their ankles and their undies showing!

When they twirl and flip around in Daddy’s pajamas, you can’t see their heavy padding. It’s just like hockey players in their baggy duds and neck-to-ankles padding.

Please, both sports are judged (making calling them a sport suspect at best, but that’s another thread) and therefore both have a “style” element. Who are you to say that the frilly, sparkly, Seigfreid and Roy outfits of the skaters is more valid than the tragically hip, baggy, pinstriped outfits of the snowbaorders?

Incidentally, as most casual snowboarders will tell you, baggy clothes are a absolute must when riding in order to soak up the punishment that falling dishes out.

As I recall, when snowboarding first started becoming hip - the trousers did not have crotches around the ankles. By this line of arguement, skiers (who also fall from height and speed) should wear baggy clothes.