Best Olympic uniforms

The contest is over before it’s even started.Behold the Norwegian men’s curling team in all its glory, and despair of your own pathetic ordinariness.


These pants in the national colors are highly praiseweworthy. I applaud them.

Quite delightful. Thanks for the link.

Shouldn’t that link come with an epilepsy warning?

It looks like something straight from the thrift shop.

“I-I-I’m hunting
Looking for a comeup
This is fucking awesome!”


I think back in 1996(or so), the US had awesome female swimsuits for the swimming competitions.

Now how does Don Cherry top that?

He’d wear one that glows in the dark? Seriously, I think those even top Cherry.

I looked it up and to my admitted amazement, M.C. Escher wasn’t Norwegian.

Didn’t the original Olympians compete nude?

Now that was a uniform one could get behind.

I don’t know, nude ice hockey sounds like a very, VERY bad idea.

No one from the U.S. can make fun of them.

My gawd! That looks like Charlie Brown vomited up a Norwegian flag!

Sorry, but I think the Norwegian curlers have us beat in the ugly category.

They’re all made in the USA too, so we cannot even blame those damned foreigners. :wink:

They’re Norwegian Curlers! They can get away with it.

But to wearing something like those sweaters & hats for the opening ceremonies? Why not just tattoo “We’re USA and we don’t care” on everyone’s naked butt?

I must say, I like the new Canadian hockey uniforms. I never liked the old uniform, with the hockey player skating towards the viewer; too busy, and splitting the maple leaf into red and black sections never made sense to me. Overall, it didn’t really say “Canada” to me; could have been any hockey organization in Canada.

the new uniforms are simple and clear; red and white, with a maple leaf. No doubt who they represent.