Strange Olympic Uniform Question regarding Logos

I’m up in the middle of the night watching the US Curling team stomp the Norwegians and I notice what seems to be a peculiar thing about the US teams uniforms. The uniforms are apparently designed by Nike as you can see by the large Swoosh logo on the left breast. Upon closer inspection you can see that several of the players have white tape covering other logos on the same jersey, as well as the mock turtle neck underneath. This didn’t seem too odd when you recall the Dream Team logo fiasco from '92, but then I realize that the obscured logos are Nike logos as well. Even more odd, some of the covered logos are on the same shirt as the unobscured logo on the breast. :confused:

Why would this be? Is there some regulation regarding advertising on Olympic unis? If so, why would Nike design the uniform to be non-conforming? I haven’t seen other teams with this type of thing going on. And let’s face it, this is Curling, it’s not like there’s demand for marketing these uniforms. Anyone know whats going on here?

There are Olympic regulations on the size, number and placement of advertising logos permitted on competitors’ clothing and equipment. See guidelines here. (PDF)

Perhaps Nike didn’t read them.

Wow, I’d always liked watching curling on CBC. You mean to tell me we have an American team?

Hell you guys were Women’s World Champions a year back or so.

Not only do we have a team, we just beat the defending Olympic champions. 11 to 5. There were a couple awsome plays(curls?) in that match.



The stones curl (curve) during the shot.