USA Opening Ceremony outfits

These things are fugly!

Why do we have to lead the world in ugly clothing every Olympiad?

I had forgotten how much I despise the Olympics today, thanks for the reminder.

With everyone laughing, it will make it easier when the USA hype doesn’t match the actual medal tally. (Ouch!) Everyone will blame the bad mojo from the opening ceremony.

Ohmygiddyaunt, those are HILARIOUS :D:D:D

“No. I’m not a homeless athlete, why do you ask?”

Maybe they should call it the Uglympiad.

I love the tweet quoted after the article: “You made the us Olympic team! Now you get to wear Grandma’s cardigan & George Costanza’s sweatpants.”

They don’t hold a candle to the Norwegian Curling team’s uniforms.

You really should have warned on this link. Like “squint when you look at the picture or you may go color-blind temporarily”.

No, the color-blind person is the one who designed those uniforms :dubious:

Most likely he had a checkered past.

Mind you, the Norwegian curlers’ outfit (and there’s a thread up about it already) is the actual *competition *gear. So it clearly and boldly identifies the team on the ice and I’m sure the pants are extremely comfortably cut for the rather uncomfortable-looking position the thrower has to assume.

Team USA’s opening-parade get-up, OTOH, looks like they remembered just last week that they needed to wear some sort of distinctive outfit for the ceremonies.

It looks like they’re on their way to an Ugly Patriotic-Sweater Party. And you can have your very own for a mere six hundred Benjamins!

It’s a bit of a stretch, but not too bad. I’ve never done that thing some curlers do where they turn their front foot sideways, though.

I really, really hope you meant six hundred dollars, or six Benjamins.

It occurs to me that the basic way we’re going about this is all wrong. Runway fashions from top designers always look ridiculous; we shouldn’t be surprised when their Olympic outfits turn out the same way.

Here’s a big group shot! Holy fuck that’s ugly!

They look like they went to an auction of John Houseman’s estate and bought a box of flag-print cardigans he owned and then some asshole plastered them all with oversize bumper stickers.

Clearly the Russian ban on homosexuality is already evident in the dearth of gay Olympic clothing designers.

Yes, I meant 6 Bens. Sorry. :smack:

Don’t worry, the Germans are making up for it.

And they say athletic teams don’t do hazing anymore…

Because of the threat of terrorism, they’re warning team members not to wear their costumes out in public. I’m sure no arms has to be twisted…

Oh joy. I get to be the first dissenting voice in this hate-fest.

I like the patchwork jacket and the interplay of color and shape. It feels folksy, homey, fun, and whimsical. I especially love that it’s contrasted with a plain white pant.

I’ll take this over some modern, swooshie design any day.