Olympics: Why have Russia and the USA won so few medals?

Russia and the USA typically collect lots of medals. The medal tally in Athens is not very impressive thus far. They have only one gold each at this point (day 3).

Any theories?

Pehaps they will kick into action a bit later.

We hear you Aussies gloating! Just wait till NZ kicks in and gets it’s tradional 3 or 4 :smiley:

Well done Aussies! You are having a good one so far :slight_smile:

Yay! Just you wait until the 400m underwater basket weaving starts*. Then we Brits will show the rest of the world we still rule!

*Competion © The_Llama

Track & Field hasn’t started yet. We don’t exactly kill in mixed-doubles table tennis.

Several medals have been awarded in air rifle and weightlifting events – not high points for the USA.

It is disappointing that our baseball team failed to qualify, though.

I guess the thread title should read “gold medals”, since, by my count, the US and Australia have 12 medals total, each (as does China).

Now, if you weight the G/S/B breakdown (gold=3pts, silver=2, bronze=1), then the current count looks like this:

China: 31
Australia: 26
USA: 22
Japan: 15
France: 13
Russia: 13
Italy: 11

The USA’s numbers will increase soon (though Russia, now factionalized, is no longer quite the powerhouse they were during the Cold War)

Russia and USA have both lost basket ball games to small nations!! Russias women to Australia and the USA to Puerto Rico.

The other ‘superpower’ China is doing well and the USA is starting to get going, maybe Russia will pick up a bunch in the athletics.

This is exactly why. Wait till the middle of this week when not only T&F starts, but other more legitimate (IMO) events start.

GO USA! (except the b-ball team, f*** Iverson)