OMG Ceiling Cat Is Watching Me Get My Teeth Cleaned!

At the dentist’s office, there are these coverings over the fluorescent lights. The one that was in the hygenist’s office had a parrot, a dog, and a cat, all three looking down. The backdrop behind them was a nice, placid sky, with clouds.
It took everything I could muster to not giggle when I thought about Ceiling Cat.

I’ve often thought some nice artwork would make gyno visits more fun, although I’d have to giggle if it were a cat, too.

Wow! I was just looking at those on line this morning, and thinking how fun they would be…

Ceiling Lights

That’s the cat!

That’s the cat!

The best general med doc I ever had had some ceiling art over the examining tables. Nice neutral things like fields of flowers and butterflies. I’ve had a dentist or two who had ceilling art, too. I prefer ceiling art to counting the holes in the tiles.

I can has uvula?

I clicked on the one with the cat and dog and parrot, and my immediate thought was that they were looking at me over the edge of a grave. NOT a comforting thought, if that’s what you’re staring at when in the dentists’ chair!!


The other ones of actual sky aren’t bad - I’m sure they’d make a classroom or office a little more bearable.

I spit upon your dog and cat light art. Because I have Lisa. Lisa is my dental hygienist, and the eyes on this woman…you have no idea. :smiley:

At one of the gyno visits I had years ago, there was a sign, on the ceiling, just above the exam table, that said, ‘Just so you know…This isn’t the high point of my day, either!’

Send a Lisa this way. I’ve got another dentist appointment on Monday to take out two wisdom teeth.

I wish my dentist had Ceiling Cat. He just has a mural of a Mediterranean style plaza with a certain creepy di Chirico-style perspective to it, and a black-hooded figure standing next to a pot of flowers. Painted on top of the figure, barely discernible in red paint, it says “I am the Dentist”.

I am not making this up.

In the bowl, please. Thank you.

Wait. You’re not Lisa.

Truer words was never spoke, hoss.

I read this as ‘pizza’.


Too late to edit: Those of you who’d like one of these at your OB/GYN would do well to suggest the “Balloon,” the copy for which reads in part: “Imagine floating above it all while actually beavering away at your desk.”

Actually, they’re all pretty great for the OB/GYN:

*lends an outside ambience to the most constricted space

Brighten and lighten the dark and gloomy corner

helping to keep at least part of you free and easy

Little critters are looking in, making sure that everything is okay.

A soothing view … from below the water line. *

We get ads for these at our vet clinic and considered getting them but we actually had a real life cieling cat which was much more amusing. While we were remodeling not all the cieling panels had been put in but we were still seeing clients. Our clinic cat found a way to get up inside the cieling and we discovered this one day while the vet was taking to clients in an exam room and our kitty looked down from the cieling to see how things were going. Fortunately, the animal being seen was not in critical condition and it did lighten the mood. He did this several more times before we managed to get all his cieling access closed off. It was also easy to get him to come down though, we’d just pop the top on a can of the special diet food, a/d, and he’d come running.

You’re a sick woman, and I like you! :smiley: