OMG!!! Even the World Net Daily is waking up.

The cracks are turning into canyons.

The times they are a changin’.

Oh, my! Oh, dear! Oh, goody!

People who believe the Bush administration is corrupt didn’t need this additional thread/ article. those who don’t will dismiss your source (and you, but that’s standard).
Those unconvinced will not be convinced by this.

so who the fuck is left for you to address this to?

I gotta agree with Wring. In todays America, somebody could find a handwritten note signed by W that said “I know Saddam has no WMD AND he is not involved with 9/11 but he made my Daddy look silly. I order everyone to make up shit we know is false and lie to the American people. I have no intention to listen to the UN we are goin to war Baby. Oh yea I really did wimp out on my National Guard duty and did snort pounds of cocaine and am still secretly an alcoholic and like to fuck sheep. May GOD forgive me.”

The majority of the voters in this country would say “So what Clinton got a blow job in the white house” then they would say “Bless his heart, see he has been saved! We need a constitutional amendment to allow him to be King.”

Wow, a guy writing an opinion piece for WorldNetDaily agrees with Reeder. Amazing.

It is amazing. Reeder is normally the anti-WND; for them to be in agreement is a rare occurrence indeed.


I know. Still, it’s only one guy writing an opinion piece. He doesn’t speak for the whole organization.

If we’ve learned one thing about this administration is that the constant repetition of a message is much more important than the truth of the message.

that only seems to work for them, as far as I recall. “Saddam has WMD” for example.

It was interesting to this person who already believes the Bush admin is corrupt to see WND have this type of editorial. Thanks for starting this thread, Reeder.

Pip, pip. We need bold scouts and fearless rangers to venture into such dark territory and report back.

To boldly go where nobody in his right mind…

Hey…I even read Drudge.

I read both sides.

It seems that this particular columnist isn’t exactly cut from the same cloth as other WND clones. He calls John Bolton “Bonkers Bolton”, implied that the war in Iraq was illegal, among other things.

On the other hand, he thinks we should arm our missile defense system with nuclear weapons.

That is certainly an interesting columnist.

Yup, he’s WND’s token nutball.

(These are the jokes, folks.)
But he certainly doesn’t represent WND as a whole. He’s a columnist, that’s all.

So what was WorldNetDaily like before Bush came along to give them silliness in need of constant defending, anyway? Did they give ironclad proof that Bill Clinton was a rapist who traded nuclear secrets to China for drug money every week? Did they print stories about who grew the county’s largest squash? Did they even exist?

As I recall, the Bill=Rapist thing. To the point if he saw a therapist, they’d yell “He’s the-rapist!”

Also, Christian Loony stuff. Like the Ten Commandments stuff. Basically? Birchers.

Would it be too much to ask for the OP to put a short summary of the article, like, in the OP? If it’s important enough for you to devote an entire thread to, then it should be important enough for you to give the rest of us some clue as to
a) what the article you linked to is about,
b) why this is important to you, and
c) why this should be important to me.

They were around. And yes, it was mostly Clinton bashing — and predictions of a future police state. Little did they know it would be Republican leadership bringing it about.


Reeder, everybody in the world thought Saddam had WMDs. That was what the intelligence reports were telling us LONG before Bush took office and even after he took office.

The fact that they haven’t been found is far more likely to be attributed to the fact that for 10 years, Saddam led the UN around by its collective dick on the sham weapons inspection program, and the weapons wound up hidden somewhere else. My bet is on Syria.