OMG! Lipstick=Lead=Cancer! Run! Hide!

No no, it leads in on your mouth, not in your hands.

ETA: Wow, I just realized how dirty those M+M’s commercials were. AHHH, part of my childhood is ruined! Ruined I tell you!

Sure. Probably not for some time though.

Circa 1975.

You want dirty, try listening to the commercials without watching them, or watch without the sound. They get away with A LOT in advertising!

Oh yeah, the OP - lead poisoning causes the coolest basophilic stippling in red blood cells (the cell in the top left quadrant with the arrow). Okay, this is mostly related to the OP. Somewhat related.

Snopes? In on these things? Nah, couldn’t be. But I did hear…

Interesting you should mention Mr. Limpet. Many of the millions of shades of lipstick contain that shimmery pearl-like stuff, which is fish scales. When you kiss those lovely shimmering lips, you are kissing a fish! Oh, my Cod. :eek:

Limpets sound bad…but imagine kissing him.

WTF is that THING!!!oneeleventy!

He’s called a blobfish.

The classics never go out of style.

Hmm, can’t imagine why.

Send her one back informing her of the dangers of certain germs on paper money. To test it, you’ll need to send it to me, (address), and I’ll test it for you. Sadly, current data suggests that fully 98% of paper money is contaminated.

I’m guessing you’ll be compelled to dispose of it to prevent further contamination. You know, out of you’re concern for the well being of your fellow man.

He’s pretty much the worst fish ever.


And I’ll have the receipts to prove it. :wink:

You mean elephantiasis. “Elephantitis” means an inflamed elephant.

I’d laugh if you caught an inflamed elephant on your lips.