OMG! Lipstick=Lead=Cancer! Run! Hide!

My friend sent me this very important email about how lipstick contains lead which causes cancer, and instructs me to throw out all my lipstick after performing the following “lead test”. :eek:

Smear the lipstick on you hand and then rub your gold ring into the smear. If the lipstick turns black, it contains lead which causes cancer. Throw it away!! :rolleyes:

The email even contains all the name brands that have already failed the lead test, so it must be true!

I’d send her the Snopes on that, but I know her response already: “They” are in on it, too, and want you to get sick so “they” can make big money off your treatment.

Or maybe she just wants a bunch of new lipsticks.

We’ll see who is laughing when you catch elephantitis of the lips.

If Angelina Jolie is any indication, more women could use some unrestrained cell proliferation in their lips.

Just a little though.

Don’t waste any time, throw out the e-mail too. You can’t be too careful.

I like this. Please don’t put lipstick on your lips, instead put the lead onto you hand. Brilliant!

I can’t recall which thread specifically, but just yesterday some Doper linked to some page about how lipstick causes cancer. Just sayin’- the idiocy isn’t limited only to, well, the idiots.

Is there anything that doesn’t cause cancer? At least this is cancer with style. Now if you told me that granny panties cause cancer, I would say “Down with them!”

I thought about listing all the problems with the email, but then realized I can waste time in other, more interesting ways.

That’s why I never kiss em on the lips.

Angelina Jolie’s lips remind me of Mr Limpet

I was reading a white paper the other day that linked saliva and stomach cancer.

It’s really nothing to worry about though, because it’s only a risk if it’s swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time.


I don’t have a gold ring. Will I die?

You’re already dead. Inside.

I personally feel that all panties should go in that direction.

I say “Down with all panties, then off!”

I know lead can be hazardous and even fatal, but I can’t recall it being a carcinogen.

That’s just what the Chinese want you to think.

Would you be surprised to learn that there have been instances where imported clothing has contained unacceptable levels of formaldehyde, an irritant and a carcinogen? The next time you buy ladies panties, you should wash them before wearing them.

You think you are being funny, but you don’t know the story of my Tarzan costume.