OMG these would be the best GQ questions ever

(General Questions forum that is, not Gentleman’s Quarterly)

Slate Magazine has published a selection of 2009’s unanswered questions to its Explainer column. Many of these people need to visit GQ. Imagine the merriment:

We have had at least two GQ threads on the Siamese twin question. This is the second thread; the first one is linked to in the third post.

I’m thinking not all of them would be GQ’s… the “worst English” one is probably a IMHO, and the Cheesecake factory one, while there might be a factual answer to it, is probably more of an opinion one.
But I’d like to see those answered!

The answer to the second one is “because you’re not going to the right gas stations.” I’ve noticed that gas stations even sell different things based on whether there’s a female attendant or not, it doesn’t even need to be a manager. There’s some car gizmos which are much more popular with women and the best bet for finding them is finding a station with a female attendant.

Summers during college I worked at the shore (south NJ beaches) and would always get gas at one particular Hess station in Ocean City. For some reason that station would attract the cutest, blond, tanned girls to work there. None of the other stations in the area had girls. It made a mundane activity really enjoyable.

Convict them, but cut the sentence in half!

Or the suspect. :slight_smile:

(BTW, apt username/post combo)

Ah, a Solomonic judgement indeed.

A: Because people—particularly people in Atlanta—will happily line up to eat mediocre food in a noisy, unpleasant environment as long as it’s served on a plate the size of a forklift pallet.

:eek: Must shove mass quantities of food into face. Kinda works in all parts of the country now.

Re: the sex offender one, I would think it’s quite clear that, absent any kind of sterilization, of course they could have children. Whether or not they’d be allowed contact with them is another matter entirely.

Favorite good question (I’m imagining a classic Cecil response):
[li]How many human female eggs would it take to make an omelette?[/li][/ul]
Favorite bad question (ditto):
[li]Re: chess, how do you play chess?[/li][/ul]

Cecil actually did answer a question about contagious yawning, though only with a quip.