Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

Not a stupid motherfucker. Maybe you meant to post this somewhere else.

Assuming they did it on the way out anyway- not something I’d want to lose my unemployment/severance over.

“Some disgruntled employee” isn’t a name, therefore the person currently hadn’t been shown to be stupid.

The video make it look like it’s projected from outside. So maybe not an inside job at all?

Texas Man jumps on the roof of a truck without the driver knowing, stands up and dances on the top of the truck, gets knocked off when the truck goes under an overpass, dies.


“Hold my beer…watch this.”

“911” had a similar story last week (stupid couple tries to have sex on a moving firetruck - bad news when it takes a corner)

Elon has reinstated Individual 1’s Twitter account.

Fuck Elon! I thought he didn’t like Trump.

No Trump tweets yet. Maybe he’s waiting to be begged to come back.

Two football analysts got into a “discussion” off-screen after one of them made a comment about the other one’s wife.

According to Reuters, the disgraced former president is not interested in coming back to Twitter.

“I don’t see any reason for it,” the former president said

Maybe it’s true?

It’s possible that Trump doesn’t care about being on Twitter, he just cares that people want him back on Twitter.

It’s like that douchebag that has no interest in a girl, but still wants her to be interested in him.

The Libertarian Party shared a common anti-Semitic post while discussing the collapse of the FTX crypto empire.

I think in the thread about truth social, it’s mentioned that he has to post first there, and waiting and copying a tweet could be too much work, if that’s true.

Darwin award contender. That is some world-class stupid.

Ha. Truth Social is not in good shape, if Trump goes to Twitter, it will die for sure. and Twitter appears to be dying too.

Just another example of every thing Trump touches turns to shit.