Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

He appears to have a prosthetic nose taped onto his face.

Is he celebrating Pride Month?

Paralympian Becca Meyers, who is blind and deaf, who participates in competitive swimming, was told she can not bring her personal care assistant to Tokyo. She needs the assistant to get around because, again, she’s blind and deaf. She has had to withdraw from the games.

An Alabama city council member called one of his co-members a “house n*****” at a council meeting.

Former NASA administrator Charlie Bolden said that ‘one black kid watching this launch is one less Black kid about to use a weapon.’

Weirdly, he’s African-American himself.

I can just about see the message he was trying to give - that black kids interested in positive scientific pursuits will avoid the negative life choices that far too many black kids make - but, you know, “phrasing”.

The Alabama case is another case of bad phrasing exacerbating an already-questionable message. The councilor was trying to defend his wife’s former use of the n-word (instead of vicariously apologizing or throwing her under the bus) by saying that a Black person had called another Black person - one of the ones at the meeting - a “house n*****”. Which isn’t a winning argument itself, but you definitely shouldn’t don’t introduce that argument by saying “hey, don’t we have a ‘house n******’ here?”.

Yet another white person complaining that black people get to use the n-word.


Look at you, giving him the benefit of the doubt. Why, I wonder?

It’s not much of a benefit, but I thought there was sufficient ambiguity in his statement to consider that he might have meant something less offensive by it than it sounded. Still a pretty ill-judged remark either way.

I made my remark in order to challenge some peoples’ immediate reactions, in the interest of fairness (and not to direct any opprobrium at you). If he had been white, would he have been given the benefit of any doubt whatever? Should he have?

I formed my view before I read about his race, FWIW.

If you’re in the UK you’re probably familiar with the waste of skin that is Tommy Robinson, professional bigot and asshat.

He thought he would be safe in smearing the reputation of a Muslim schoolboy who was filmed being attacked at school.

He thought wrong.

The asshat, whose real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is insufficiently working class for the image the poser works to project, is now whining that he can’t afford to pay the judgement and the legal costs, despite raking in vast amounts of donations from his followers.

By the way, Our Tommy didn’t take that story particularly well:

Frankly, he deserves every horrible thing that happens to him.

He has that kind of look of a bigoted asshat.

There are some groups in the US he would fit in with well.

Florida Man screams “Get off my lawn!” to a (possibly) dying man.

When a lawn-care worker saw a neighbor having a seizure in his car and begged for help as the victim convulsed, Florida homeowners screamed at them to “Get off our lawn,” deputies said Thursday.

The good Samaritan, identified only as “Tony,” recognized the victim, knew where he lived, and ran to his house to alert his wife Monday, the The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

The department called Tony a hero and credited his quick actions with saving the driver’s life.

The only redeeming thing about that story is that at least Florida has Tony.

I don’t think Florida deserves Tony though.

What do you wanna bet that the homeowners consider themselves ‘christians’.

An anti-vaxx mob protesting outside a cancer clinic for requiring masks, attacked a cancer patient trying to get inside.

How disgusting!