Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

I was expecting this to actually be her medical insurance company trying to recoup expenses from Geico, but, nope, it seems to be coming from the individual. From the article,

OK, I’m with them so far. BTW - elsewhere in the article, MO admits that the two of them also had sex in other places than the car, so I’m agreeing with Geico that it ain’t their problem. Later on,…

Here’s where I’m losing the thread of argument. So the dude gives her HPV; she sues him, the court says she deserves $5.2m, but says it’s not all from the guy? How does that make it Geico’s problem?

One presumes that the only reason they’re included is their deep pockets. Never sue anyone who doesn’t have money.

Indeed, how many of us could stand up to a negative judgement of multiple millions of dollars? That’s why we buy insurance. It is natural to expect the insurance to cover loss. So, spinning this into “she’s sueing GEICO because she caught STD in car sex” is deliberately misleading.

I’m not sure the court said she deserved $5.2m - it sounds like they got together and agreed on a (really high) number, and the court said “sure, if both parties agree”. And now they/she is going after Geico and the umbrella policy. The cynic in me thinks that the woman in this story promised the dude in this story some portion of whatever she recovers (and it sounds like Geico is alleging that also).

Everyone knows white people don’t speak Spanish.

Neither do Brazilians. Official language is Portuguese.

I vaguely remember, perhaps from high school Spanish classes, that in Central and South America, there is or was quite a bit of attention paid to whether one’s ancestors were entirely European, native American or descendants of the African slaves. Basically how white one is.

Well, sure, but what does that have to do with how ‘white’ they’re perceived as in the US?

Anybody could consider themselves as white as the driven snow but that’s not going to make any difference to the reprobates we have running around here.

The problem with a text only format is that I cannot give you a steely gaze while my lip curls in a slight smirk.

A Marine officer pleaded guilty on Thursday to several criminal charges in connection with viral videos he posted criticizing senior officials during the messy U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying that he knew he was being disrespectful and wanted to call out what he perceived as “incompetence.”

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, a combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, testified that he knew he was defying orders and that his life began “spiraling” after he posted his first video in August. He said his wife left him, fellow Marine officers turned their backs on him and the Marine Corps opened an investigation into his actions…

Just to show how far downhill he’s spiraled:

Among the witnesses called by Scheller’s defense team were Rep. Louie Gohmert (R.-Tex.) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), two of the most controversial members of Congress.

I guess “controversial” is the new euphemism for “stupid”. :roll_eyes:

Texas school superintendent says that the schools in her district should teach the opposing view to the Holocaust.

Is Gucci still a pricey brand?

I’m slightly amused at the last line of that article and its seeming lack of humility: Another replied: “They don’t understand what they have done. And they are going to lose incredible teachers, myself potentially being with them.”

Gasden flag (supposedly) on an Alaskan Airlines plane in Anchorage. Twitter link to a conservative.

Someone doesn’t seem to quite understand what “contemporaries” means.

I find very little evidence of the actual existence of this flag business online (for either Alaska or Southwest).

The photo looks like some ramp-rat stuck it to the door while the plane was on the ramp getting serviced. I doubt anybody but the person who did it even saw it.

He got off way too easy. If he wasn’t at his command post on 1/6, he likely would have been at the Capitol.

Yeah, that was on NBC national news broadcast yesterday. The admin says “If you have a book on a subject that might be controversial, you should have one with an opposing viewpoint.” OK to this point, then she says “Let’s say you have a book on the Holocaust”, and you heard this GASP from the assembled teachers, then one of them breaks in “The Holocaust? Who opposes the holocaust?”