Omniscient: Moderator

You know, I want one of those cute little Moderator tags underneath my name. The catch is I don’t especially want to do any extra work, or have any extra responsibility. I think it’s high time I got a honorary title around here.

What, exactly, have you done that would merit an honorary title?

I guess that you could just turn into an idiot troll, because they sometimes get special tags like “too dumb to be true”.

Why would you want to be moderator? I was one for a couple years with a local BBS. Can’t say it was much fun.

OK Omni, how about…

** Omniscient [/]

** He of Shiny White Ass Fame **
or maybe

** Ass Master **

Be careful for what you wish Omni, you just might get it. Lynn might decide to grace you with a “Incredibly Stupid” title or some sort.

I second Shiny White Ass.

I third Shiny White Ass. And I have the pictures to prove it. :smiley:

Falcon, how much for the pics? Name your price!

Omni, you can be Honorary Ass Patter, and I will present my little behind for you first official pat.