On Being a Landlord (Subtitled: Eviction, New Tenants, and Remants)

Always change the locks.

Bottom line, give the freeloaders a call. Tell them that you collect rent for a living, it’s what you do; and no hard feelings but you’re evicting them. Sorry it didn’t work out, but it’s what you have to do to make a living. Bottom line.

I see no reason why their hard times should affect you. I’ve been a landlord for over thirty years, and you always have to keep your bottom line in mind. My personal motto is: “If they aint payin, they aren’t stayin!”

I suppose you could make an expception for your mother, but the ex-MIL? Geez, grow a pair already!

The IRS audited me because of the loss I took when the Tenant from Hell didn’t pay for three months. I filed an eviction notice, but I don’t think the cops ever went out there.
Glad your ordeal is nearing an end.