On continents

The Spaniards have a different way of looking at it: they consider North and South America to be part of the same continent, which they call simply “America”. Yeah, geologically they’re wrong, I know…still, this is why they get all pissed off when US citizens call ourselves “Americans”. Their response would be “Right, but people in Argentina or Guatemala are Americans too, you gringo bastards.” My attitude is that this is their problem…when I speak English I call myself “American” because that’s what we call ourselves in our language, but when I speak Spanish I call myself “estadounidense” because that’s what they call us in their language. They also use the term “norteamericano” to refer to US citizens, which I don’t like…isn’t Canada part of North America too? Still, their idea of North America is the non-Latin area of the New World, so therefore in Spain Mexico is not part of North America. Political correctness is a pain in the ass wherever you go.

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Besides, the term “United Statesians” sounds pretty stupid.

They’re furriners, so who gives a rat’s ass what they think?

Heck, they think there’s something noble about ritually torturing higher mammals for entertainment purposes.