On Facebook, what happens if I filter someone from a post but not their friends?

For instance, I have traditionally tended to use the privacy setting “Friends of Friends”. But if I set a status update as “Friends of Friends, except Joe Schmoe”, will Joe’s friends still be able to see it?

Unless Joe’s friends are also your friends, they shouldn’t be able to see your status updates. Only your friends (except Joe) are going to see any given status update.

If you could see the status updates of all of your friend’s friends, your feed would be enormous.

Or am I missing something?

Well, there’s the status updates you get on your feed, but there’s also just people sort of nosing around and saying “huh, let’s take a look at Joe’s list of friends…huh, who’s this guy?” and then they can go look at your wall (Timeline now) and see any status update you’ve posted that is set either to Public or Friends of Friends.

But it strikes me that if I set an update to be able to be seen by Friends of Friends, but not by Joe (who is my friend), it ought to automatically screen out anyone who attains that “Friends of Friends” status only due to the link with Joe (and the person I have in mind, my “Joe”, is indeed not FB friends with anyone else I’m friends with). I’m just not sure if it *does *work that way, so it makes me a bit nervous (can’t get more specific than that on a public forum).

Something has come up that will take me away from this board (and Facebook for that matter) for a week or so, but if anyone knows the answer I would love to find it when I get back! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: