On Her Majesty's Secret Service in our house

I was watching the George Lazenby opus on Monday when our eight year old, MiliCal, walked by.

“What are you watching?”

“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It’s a James Bond movie.”

“Is this the one where he gets married?” I’d told her about James Bond movies in discussing the Bond parodies in Jimmy Neutron and in The Incredibles.

So the only sequence of James Bond that holds any interest for my daughter is the least likely and least characteristic – when he gets married. I searched for the wedding on the menu and showed it to her, being careful to click off before the tragedy.

I told Pepper Mill about it this morning.

“Well, of course that’s what she wanted to see. She’s an 8 year old girl. She’s at that stage where they’re interested in weddings.”

This lead to a discussion about Bond with a wife. I mentioned that a contemporary critic asked why she had to die – that Bond and Tracy could have gone on to a life of fighting supervillains togethr. “Like Nick and Nora Charles,” I said, repeating the critic’s words.

“More like The Avengers,” said Pepper.

A little later she’s humming the Avengers’ theme, and saying, in her Diana Rigg voice “Mr. Bond, we’re needed” (beat) “James gets a martini…” she said, imitating the epigraph the used to shoew at the start of each episode.

“Tracy gets Shaken, not Stirred,” I completed.

For the first time, Bond movies will be shown on the Lifetime Network instead of Spike TV. Somehow, I imagine there would be a great deal of emphasis on the “Til death do us part” line in the vows.

M: 007, you are needed for a two week assignment in Pakistan. You’re plane leaves in two hours.
Bond: But Tracy is in Canada on that consulat security upgrade.
M: Yes?
Bond: And she won’t be back for another week.
M: And?
Bond: Well, can you watch the kids until she gets back?

Don’t be ridiculous.
May, that Scottish treasure, has been persuaded to go beyond housekeeping to include child care as well.
How else are you going to be sure the kids get their Haggis and Skirley?

Wouldn’t they be able to find an old-fashioned English boarding school to take the kiddies to?

“Hey, James jr, what’s your dad do?”

“I dunno. Something in the civil service. He never talks about it.”


CalMeacham~~You need to introduce MiliCal to Totally Spies. She’ll thank you for it.
Plays on Cartoon Network, & on DVD.

Bond: So, you expect me to talk?
Blofeld: No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to wed!
Bond: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Bosda writes:

CalMeacham~~You need to introduce MiliCal to Totally Spies. She’ll thank you for it.
Plays on Cartoon Network, & on DVD.
As a big watcher of Cartoon Network (and Nickelodeon, and the Disney channels) MilliCal is already familiar with the three girls, thanks.
She’s also seen all the Spy Kids movies.
She’s starting to read Nancy Drew. It never ends!

Bosda writes:

Then, start her on Kim Possible. :smiley: